Coahoma Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior the advice I would give myself would be to take chances and believe in yourself. You should always strive for the best in all that you do. Going to college is the first step into the real world. Basically its a new beggining so try to be more positive about things and be the best that you can be. Your main focus should be on college and the career choice that fits you best. Put school work first and have fun later. Going to college is the making of your career. Partying messes up your focus and distracts you from the plans that you should be making for the future. I would also tell myself to have kids after I graduate from college, because it will be hard trying to support them and do your school work on time. I encourage everyone to stay in school and never lose hope. Stay focus and you will succeed.


I didn't go high school ... i have take my GED.


Going back i would make better decision of high school life first. I would do my work better and listen more in class. Advice to which i would give myself is i would do more research on the schools that i chose to attend. I would make a career choice that would best suite me and not what others think that i need to make a career in. Cost of college is very expense, and i would have made another choice of choosing a public college than a private college. Private college is like triple the cost of public schools. If i had started off with an adviser i could have been on the path of success than try in to get to the right path. I played with my major and changed it every year and did not make good decisions to what to get into but i think i have made a good decision in trying to finish a degree in Public Administration.