College of Saint Mary Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When telling people the positive things about College of Saint Mary I always mention how caring they are. They are more worried about how you do in school rather than just thinking of you as a number.


I usually brag about how small the campus is. I think that it is grear that most of my classes are very smal and that I can get that one on one attention from my instructors. I also like that almost everyone knows me by name here.


When I talk to my friends about College of Saint Mary I usually brag most about the small classroom sizes. My graduating class will be the biggest class my major has graduated thus far with less than thirty students. Many classes I have attended have had less than 20. Not having huge lecture hall classes have made the transition into college easy since it is only a little bit bigger than my high school. These small numbers allow our professors to give us more one-on-one attention, more approacahable and make the classroom setting more comfortable.


The small class sizes and great professors. The atmosphere on campus feels like a small community or family.


It's easy and the teachers are really helpful and want you to succeed.