College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that should attend this school is a hard worker that is goal oriented. The subjects here are very difficult and they require the individual to do a lot of the studying themselves to understand the material; therefore, the individual has to be able to understand the material and also be able to think critically and understand concepts.


Someone who isn't being forced into college. They must have a certain hunger for education and desire to further their knowledge. It doesn't come easy so they must be willing to put in the time and know that they will have to teach themelves at some point. Many people can not do that, but it is an uwritten requirement. If someone thinks that they will skate by, by doing minimal amounts of work, then they are only cheating themselves.


A person should attend this school if they have no problem commuting.






The College of Staten Island(CSI) is visually and socially a very unique and one of a kind experience. Anyone who is looking for a broader experience as far as intergrating with people from various nations are welcomed. The CSI campus has a beautifully engineered landscape, pleasing to the eye, with more than our fair share of ammenities. We are not confined to one building as are many city colleges. In our warmer months, students socializing while louging out on the grass is not uncommon. We have an apparent mixed atmosphere of "surburbia meets city life" on our campus.


dedicated students


Someone who is looking for a degree that will set them up for a strong career in the City of nw York, someone who is looking for a nice platform for grad school.