College of the Redwoods Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The school I attend has small class sizes where the professor is able to have more one on one time with each student. The staff of College of the Redwoods are friendly and willing to help you with what ever problem you have. While our selection of classes is limited compared to the bigger school, those offered and well taught and meet University needs.


What a beautiful campus , were surrounded by the tallest trees in the world and that's the Giant Redwoods ( Seoquoia Sempervirens ) and you could over look the pacific ocean on a certain hillside on campus that is awsome, there is trails on campus that lead you through the mountains of Redwoods, there are tree swings and deers hang out on campus thats is so amazing I love my College, there is plenty of parking but most of all they have an Excellent Academic Staff Members what can I say God lead to the right path EUREKA, CA" I found it"