College of the Redwoods Top Questions

What should every freshman at College of the Redwoods know before they start?


I decided in high school to attend a community college before transferring to a 4-year university because I thought it would be simple. I did not forsee so many difficulties with transferring. Many of the courses I have completed are non-transferrable and several courses that are required for me to transfer are not available to me at my campus. I would tell my "high school self" to aim for a 4-year University immediately after graduation.


Oh to be a high school senior again, the drama, the simple task of sitting through class and not having to do much to pass. If I had the chance to go back in time and see myself as a high school senior there are many things that I would tell myself. For one, I would warn about how my parents were right and how different college is to high school. I would stress the fact that studying in high school was a stepping stone and practice for the real studying that was to come. I would have myself make better choices in the ways I spent my time and the courses that I took, throughout my senior year I took a few college classes. Unfortunatly I did not have the discipline to pay attention and pass the classes. Most I dropped and was able to get away with it, but if I had the chance I would tell myself to try harder and not give up just because one part of the class was hard. Studying, working harder, paying attention and doing my best would be the best pieces of advice that I could possibly give myself.


I would tell my former self to decide now exactly what your major would be, and then once you are accepted look at the institution's major requirement and make an ed plan. By doing that, I wouldn't have wasted time and money on classes I didn't need, I would be getting my degree sooner, and I would have more options for my future. I would tell myself to not ride the fence, but to make decisions, because decisions will take you places, but riding the fence gets you nowhere.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as I could. I would also apply to many colleges and consider going straight into a four year university instead of community college. I would tell myself to become more involved with community events and other community opportunities to further my exploration of the world around me. I would tell myself to put time and thought into what I wanted to major in and consider all of the jobs and job opportunities that are out there to go along with a major. Finally, I would tell myself to stay strong through all of the challenges that arise when attending college.


I would have told myself to be more prepared with funding. Books are so expensive. supplys are almost just expensive and you still need to pay for rent. And all of that together will cost alot of money.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would tell myself to knuckle down my senior year, just as I had the three previous years. I would tell myself that my parents divorce would eventually pan out on its own, not to let it interfer with my college-bound ideas, and to take the leap of faith and go to Humboldt State University. College life is worth going to an unfamiliar place, exploring new concepts, meeting new people, and getting a fresh take on life. I would tell myself that I have done well in preparing for college with my college-prep classes; that I will need my good study habits for the classes I will face in college, they can be difficult at times, but the more I put into them, the more I will get back. But above all else, I would tell myself to have faith: have faith in yourself, keep your faith in God, have faith in the strength of your charachter, and know that you can and will achieve all that you put your mind to.


Looking back at my high school career, I would definitely tell myself to save more money. I went into college with little funds, and with parents who couldn't afford to help out much. I worked my senior year and wasted my money on silly things, and I wish I would have focused more money on my career. I also would have told myself to think more seriously about my future and my career choice. It has taken me awhile to discover exactly what I want to do, and I wish I would have taken more time to focus on that issue in high school.


I would start preparing myself in high school and take my education more serious and study more to improve my G.P.A level and think about going to College at a Senior at High School and bulid my General Ed level and Math and be prepared for College and decide what Goals I want to accomplish and what career I want to proceed in life and be choose who to hang around with as friends and get tutor and conserlor in high school and be honered to recieve a Scholarship for High School graduation to pick any University in the world that would be a dream come true as a young student to have the mantalite to wanna be succesful in life at young age that would of be so awsome to have all the good things in life but most of all have a education and be intellegent know one could ever take your education and experience you lived through all the obstacles to get were your at in life and thats living your dream Thank God for that faith and beleving in yourself in life