Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

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Colorado State University has a very unique devotion to animal biology and research. It has one of the best veterenary schools in the country as well as an amzing biology porgram to accompany it. CSU is located in a beautiful town and has an amazing campus filled with diverse, motivated students. I considered many other schools, but the town and people in Fort Collins were too incredible to pass up the experience.


Love that it is open and focused on the community. There is numerous access to activities outside of campus, and the professor-student relationships are meaniful


CSU has some very unique majors. My major is very specialized and uncommon; my major is not the only one that CSU offers that cannot be found at other universities. Fort Collins places a huge emphasis on catering to the individual rather than assuming that all students are the same and come from the same background.


It has one of the best construction management programs around, when the other schools I applied to only one of them had it offered as a major


The best thing about my school is that the people are all very kind. Wherever you go on campus people will always make it a point to hold doors for you.

Jessie Mae

We are very community focused. We are very culturally aware and inclusive. We have a great relationship with Cooperative Extension offices.


My school gives me a big school vibe while still being in a rural area. Although CSU has so many students, the design of the campus is very spread out and does not make students feel claustrophobic when walking around campus. I also enjoy the city of Fort Collins, and how big the people's efforts are to be health orientated, nice citizens. CSU is the perfect mix between doing fun things off campus and getting a quality education with very nice students in the classroom.


I came to CSU for the veterinary sciences program, which was, at the time, considered the 2nd most prestigious vet school in the country.


CSU is unique because it has one of the top Business Colleges in the country! There are various majors and concentrations offered at CSU and it is well known for it's admirable veterinary program. Colorado State is located in a small town with the most restaurants surrounding the campus than any other college. I also considered going to UNC, but chose CSU over it because of its Business program and the location. Fort Collins is a beautiful town and there is so much to do off of campus. I can't imagin myslef anywhere else.


For starters, CSU is in my hometown, so it made it far more accessible than anything else. But as a major in theatrical design, what really made CSU stand out was their career oriented Theatre program. They don't just make you sit in a classroom and get lectures on lighting design, you're actually out in a light lab working with the tools that are used on Broadway! Each one of the professors has extensive professional experience in their fields, and from the minute you walk in you're welcomed and encouraged to participate. It's like a family!