Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

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Colorado State University has a very unique devotion to animal biology and research. It has one of the best veterenary schools in the country as well as an amzing biology porgram to accompany it. CSU is located in a beautiful town and has an amazing campus filled with diverse, motivated students. I considered many other schools, but the town and people in Fort Collins were too incredible to pass up the experience.


Love that it is open and focused on the community. There is numerous access to activities outside of campus, and the professor-student relationships are meaniful


CSU has some very unique majors. My major is very specialized and uncommon; my major is not the only one that CSU offers that cannot be found at other universities. Fort Collins places a huge emphasis on catering to the individual rather than assuming that all students are the same and come from the same background.


It has one of the best construction management programs around, when the other schools I applied to only one of them had it offered as a major


The best thing about my school is that the people are all very kind. Wherever you go on campus people will always make it a point to hold doors for you.

Jessie Mae

We are very community focused. We are very culturally aware and inclusive. We have a great relationship with Cooperative Extension offices.


My school gives me a big school vibe while still being in a rural area. Although CSU has so many students, the design of the campus is very spread out and does not make students feel claustrophobic when walking around campus. I also enjoy the city of Fort Collins, and how big the people's efforts are to be health orientated, nice citizens. CSU is the perfect mix between doing fun things off campus and getting a quality education with very nice students in the classroom.


I came to CSU for the veterinary sciences program, which was, at the time, considered the 2nd most prestigious vet school in the country.


CSU is unique because it has one of the top Business Colleges in the country! There are various majors and concentrations offered at CSU and it is well known for it's admirable veterinary program. Colorado State is located in a small town with the most restaurants surrounding the campus than any other college. I also considered going to UNC, but chose CSU over it because of its Business program and the location. Fort Collins is a beautiful town and there is so much to do off of campus. I can't imagin myslef anywhere else.


For starters, CSU is in my hometown, so it made it far more accessible than anything else. But as a major in theatrical design, what really made CSU stand out was their career oriented Theatre program. They don't just make you sit in a classroom and get lectures on lighting design, you're actually out in a light lab working with the tools that are used on Broadway! Each one of the professors has extensive professional experience in their fields, and from the minute you walk in you're welcomed and encouraged to participate. It's like a family!


I LOVE CSU! Best choice in the world to come here. Even on days when I'm feeling down or lonely or homesick, I love it. I'm glad i came here. It's sunny more often then not, its friendly, the gym is awesome, and so far all my professors have been great.


The campus is very community-strong. It's like a cult (minus the bad connotation).


Colorado State University offers a wide array of courses and at an affordable rate. They have high quality classrooms and their anatomy labs actually have enough cadavers (animal or human) for the students to be able to learn. Colorado State also offers a wide selection of online classes as well in the classroom.


It is about what you put into the experience that makes it worth it. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people or try new things...once a Ram, always a Ram.


After considering several schools that have a great Engineering Program, I narrowed my search to Mines University or Colorado State University. Although I believe that Mines has a slightly superior program, financing this school would be very burdensome. Colorado State University was highly ranked among my peers. After attending the orientation day, my mother and I were very comfortable with the program and environment at Colorado State University. The staff was very personable and compassionate about education. The campus is beautiful and there are many extra-curricular activities that are available.


Everyone is really nice at CSU. I do not have any worries if I am struggling with something, whether it be socially, mentally, health-wise, or any other problem. There is always someone willing to listen or help you out. The community feeling of this school really gives a student the sense that they belong. You will never be without a friend here.


I chose CSU because I wanted to attend their veterinary school, which I will be enrolled in Fall 2011. During my undergraduate studies as a biology major, I learned a great deal from the diverse faculty and found employment as a undergraduate research assistant. I believe that CSU offers the best science program compared any of Colorado's other public schools.


Its history being an agricutural school and its top of the line constrcution managment program


Colorado State University is unique in its going Green process. The majority of the dining utensils are compostable.


The most unique thing about CSU is that this school feels close knitted and allows its students to enjoy their time at CSU. Also this school has one of the best Veterinarian programs.


This school is unique in its enviornment , not many schools pride themselves on being the first agricltural schools in the United States. Today it stilll prides itself on being an agricultural school, and a school that focus on research. This isn't school just to learn academics, but it is also a place to lacually apply what you have learned in the classroom to real life, and thats is something that is very hard tio find in universities.


My school is a midsize university campus in a town that feels like a small hometown. The entire city of Fort Collins is proud of the university I attend and are more than happy to show their support. Colorado State University has a rich tradition and history dating back to 1870 when it was first founded that every one is proud of.


They are very concerned with every students well-being. We have so many nationally recognized programs that really help idividual students do what they've dreamed of.


It provided the Vet School. Location, Major, climate


Colorado State University is better than other colleges and universities in Colorado because Fort Collins is a great town. Horsetooth Reservoir and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains are located just a few miles from the campus which provides opportunities for hiking, rock climbing and water sports, during our average of 300 days of sunshine every year. Downtown Fort Collins has been around since the creation of the town and some of the original buildings still exist providing the small town feel. There are family owned businesses as well as newly constructed shopping centers, the best of both worlds.


Colorado State University is in a great location! You are right next to the mountains if you enjoy outdoor recreation, and if not Denver is only an hours drive away.


The reason I chose Colorado State University over other institutions was do to the fact that diversity is widely accepted and appreciated. Here at CSU they understand that diversity is what makes a society flourish and grow. We learn so much more not only about our peers, but also about ourselves when we are immersed within different cultures, ethnicities and ages. Colorado strives to give students the best experiences of their lives that they will always remember, and by being so diverse they succeed in doing so. Students of CSU graduate with life changing experiences.


It is in a beautiful area and in a clean, safe wonderful town - Fort collins has been rated the best small city in the US. The climate is great1


This school was close to where I grew up and offered a large enough campus to get the "college" experience, but was small enough to have a close relationship with professors.


The affordability of CSU, in addition to all of the resources it has to offer makes it one of the best values in the state. This school is a recognizable institution, and still allows students to take part in many extracurriculars without breaking the bank or eating into a student's social or academic life.


Green-oriented school. Not too big and not too small, just like Fort Collins.


Santa Barbara allows a student to have a mixed experience of educational life and social life. The school encourages that students take on other activities that do not include an educational form.


At Colorado State University we pride ourselves on being green. We take care of the environment and it takes care of us. The campus is covered in trees and in the Fall especially around the oval the trees look absolutely amazing. Most other schools do not have a "green" plan and they really could care less about the environment. I mean we are een learning about how to save the environment and whats going wrong already in our English classes.


Colorado State University was my top choice for many reasons. It has many nationally recognized programs, like the Veterinary program. They also have a very good Health and Exercise Science program, which is what I am majoring in. Colorado State is also one of the top "green" schools in the nation!


CSU appealed more to me because of the scenery and friendliness of students and staff. The school spirit here is sky high and makes me feel like I belong to something incredible! Living in the dorms this year has given me a sense of belonging. My family lives out of state and the dorm hall that I live in has become like my family; we are all very close and do so many things together, including help each other keep our grades up, but having fun at the same time!


My school is uniques because of the off campus activities and endless possiblities. People around campus are hard working and good students. At the same time we like to have fun. Snowboarding and studying in one day is all possible at this school.


CSU has some of the top veterinary, nutrition and business schools in the country. There is a strong focus on research. The location is key - there are over 300 days of sunshine per year, and most of the other nutrition programs in the country are on the east coast where it is cloudy most of the time.


Colorado was the most helpful school that I found when considering where to go. The students and staff are extememly friendly and it seems like a team effort to encourage everyone to succeed in their dreams.


The campus is very open and the town is focused on CSU. It is also a great research school.


Very outdoors orriented, amazing pre-vet program, and large school but feels close-knit because you start recognizing people in your field


Colorado State University is a very "green" school in terms of being environmentally friendly and having great programs for students to assist with this on-going process. It has a great business school but the professors are very down to earth and are willing to meet on off hours or any free time to help out. The research facilities on campus are among the best I've seen anywhere. It is an overall amazing school!


It is an extreamly diverse school that is excepting of everyones ideas.


Colorado State University has an amazing school of veterinary medicine, which was the key reason I chose CSU.


Its divers and you can count on fitting in with some group, you just have to find that group you feel confortable in.


Colorado State offers many oppurtunities to excel in almost any area that a student could be interested in. They also have an amazing vet school that offers volunteer position for undergrad pre-vet students.


The location is great and thier are many great departments to choose from.


I didn't consider any other schools, so I really don't know.


It felt like home before I was even a student there.


My major (Family and Consumer Sciences) isn't offered at any other schools in Colorado.


There is a great Apparel and Merchandising and Fashion Design program that many schools around this area do not offer! Also, there is a great community around Fort Collins, where I feel safe. It was very easy to get along with people here, whereas I chose not to go to CU in Boulder because I didn't enjoy the people there as much.