Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Make sure you really take the time to meet with advisors before each semester. Collaborate with other students as much as you can. Really put alot of effort into your projects, they will become your portflio pieces.


I wish I had known more about interdisciplinary majors. There are ways to combine a student's varied interests that would have been very helpful to me. The same goes for their minors. Many of my friends don't know there are majors that deal with math and science (since we do go to an art school).


That they only care about covering their costs; once the tuition is covered they don't care that there are other costs, like books supplies, and cost of living not just the tuition. I would have picked a University and not a college. I would have weighted the amount of Federal aid. Wish I'd known that they don't seem to care about the finical needs of the students more then there needs. If I'd known how much they don't care about getting the money students need to make going to college less of a burden.


Columbia doesn’t have a closed campus so it’s hard to feel connected. It’s possible to become a part of the community and avoid being isolated but it’ll take some work.


I wish I understod that going to school here would be pretty difficult. I wish I would've known that I shouldn't waste my time dropping classes.


I wish I had known that Going to an art school is not the best idea if you are going to school for a Cultural Studies degree.


I wish I would've know how difficult it was to find a job in Chicago. I didn't want to move out of the city.


I wish I knew all the teachers before going to this school. Thats no major thing though because I intend to get to know the faculty very well. I want to use Columbia College Chicago to its fullest potential!


I wish I had known how friendly, involved and helpful everyone is; I may have gotten more involved from the very beginning.


I wish I knew how cheap apartments in the area were in comparison to the on-campus housing. That left a bit of a dent in the wallet.


Before I came to Columbia College Chicago, I wish I would have known more people. My networking skills have become better since I've been here but I honestly think my experience would have been much easier if I had more people in my "Creative Posse".


I wish I would have known about more scholarships before starting and also wish I would have known the cost of the housing.




Before I came to Columbia I wish I would have known how overwhelmed I was going to be. I wish I would have prepared myself about how many things I'm going to be missing out on from attending OTHER exciting events that Columbia has going on. Also, I wish I would have figured out the transportation system a little bit better too because getting lost while you're still half asleep in the morning is not fun.


I wish I had taken the time to read more reviews of the school.


Before coming to this school, I wish that I would have known how to make friends. Throughout my high school life I had all of the same friends that I had from middle school and elementary school so I was never faced with the task of making new friends. Throughout that time I forgot what it takes to make new friends and I wish that I would have started making new friends before I left home for school so that it wouldn't be so hard now.


I wish I would of known that college is more then just having fun and partying. The first semster I only applied myself as much as it was required to passes my classes, instead of doing all my assignments and turning them in on time, I figured what was most important was to make my friend think i'm cool by drinking and partying with them all night wheni had to wake up for classes. Whati learned those in colllege your friends care more about class and your well being not how well you can party.


I wish i would of known to pay more attention to deadlines on everything like scholarshiprs and or fincial aid. I also wish i knew that if it was going to take this long and this hard to stay in school and find things or help i would of went to college immediately after i graduated from Highschool. and i didnt know that it will be this hard to get a loan.


The most important thing I wish I knew is that time flies by fast and next thing you know - you're still wanting a degree from an acredited college. Employers want to hire someone with training and a degree in their field. The best feeling is knowing that you're working towards a goal and school can definitely be your best ally in moving yourself up in the world. If you want financial security and confidence in yourself, the best thing to do is educate yourself in your field. It's a challenging journey - but the payoff is worth it.


I wish I would have known how important it is to do what you love. I have always had a strong desire to be an artist, but was afraid to pursue it as a career. My fear came from people telling me that I couldn't be succesful and not knowing better. Now after many years of not doing what I love, I realize the importance of facing your fears to do what you are truly passionate about. Success does not just come from making money and having a big title, but from doing what you love!


I wish I had been told of the availability of jobs on campus and the things I had to do to get one. I also wish I would have gone on a tour of the campus prior to attending. I went there based on the program instead of the college as a whole.


There isn't really anything that I didn't know before I came to school. Everything was laid out when I applied.


I wish I would have known more about the activities available for students, especially regarding sports. Columbia does not have intercollegiate sports, and that is something I was interested in. I do not play all sports, but I would have enjoyed going to games and supporting our school's teams.


I can honestly say "nothing." With every new experience in life one needs an equal balance of both surprise and a positive attitude. When coming to my school in the fall I literally sat back and obversed my new world that I'd become an expert at in four years. Of course small things took me by surprise such as being in the city and how terrible cold it becomes in the winter. But as far as my school is concerned I was strongly prepared entering as a freshman.


I wish I would have known how competitive Columbia College Chicago is before I began my freshman year. I was thrown straight into an intensely competitive environment without any chance to truly gather myself, take a deep breath, and really get myself ready to adopt the competitive attitude needed to succeed at Columbia.


"You cannot choose the time the hour or even the day," Father Stretch at Incarnation Parish. Recently grandpa Marshall past away and I forgot how much people in my family meant to me. As the grandpa's casket was lowered into the ground my throat was cloaked by the fear of emotion. Unable to breath all i could wish was that I had choosen a college closer to home in Dayton because Houston limits me from seeing the ones that pass before I can say goodbye.


That it would cost me so much money.


I wish i would of known to be more active. For example, get involved with student activities or attend campus events. That way you can meet lots of people and explore the beautiful city.


There's really nothing I can think of.


I wish I would have known how much I was going to be stretched in many ways.


I wish I would of known how great of a school it was 2 years before I decided to transfer there from Southern Illinois University- Carbondale.


Before I came to Columbia, I wish I had known that I would really need more general education classes for my major, so I would have taken more of them at community college. I also wish I had known the dangers of high cost off-campus housing, and good neighborhoods that would have cost less money.


Columbia's social atmosphere is different than other schools. Without a greek system or an open dorm (ie, typical dorm styles rather than columbia's apartment style) its difficult to meet new people. It takes an open mind and effort to make new friends and aquantinces. However the students here are very open and social which makes it easy to introduce yourself to new people.


I wish I had known I was going to change majors by my sophomore year! Other than that I was fully prepared for Columbia and was very excited to go there.


I wish I would have known that I wouldn't get any financial aid from outside sources.


I wish I had known how hard it would be to get scholarships and student aid. For as much money it costs to attend the school, I don't feel that enough scholarships are awarded through the school. With that in mind, I believe that the amount of jobs on campus is extremely low compared to the amount of people looking for a part-time position while they attend school. I have applied every semester for different jobs on campus, but have been limited to what jobs are available for freshman and sophomore students.


I wish I knew some of the conditions of journalism and media ethics. Media Ethics and Law was a class I went into unaware of any cases studied. I'm glad my teacher was both a journalist and a lawyer to teach us knowledge from her own experiences. I didn't know the faculty was that involved. It inspires me to become more involved. I also didn't know how expensive each semester turns out to be with course fees and tuition. I feel privledged to live in Chicago and Columbia College is in the heart of it all.


I wish I had known more scholarships along with the courses in this school, there are so many and not much time to take them all.


I wish I would have been more sure about what my goals were at this school.


I wish I knew that it was sucha great school


i knew everything i needed to know.


Definitely how much it would cost to come here.


I wish i had known that the mojority of the classes i want to take i wont be able to until i am a senior.


I wish I would have known all the expensive that were involved with my major and going o Columbia. I should have done more research into Columbia to budget my money and how much I would have had to spend .


the amount of competition and how much more money i need to survive in this expensive city


The cost of living is a little crazy. I mean I knew it was expensive but with the economy as bad as it is now it is very hard to attend school and try ot pay to live and try to maintain a job and school work. But I have made it this far, but if I would have known the cost before I would ghave prepared more.


I wish I would have known how much financial aid I was not going to recieve. And I wish I would have known more about loans and how I don't get many because apperently my parents make to much money. I supposrt myself and wish the government would help out alittle more or college prices should be lowered because we do not get as much help as they say we do.


How much I would acrue in student loan money for only two years.


I wish I would have known I would have to get a loan.


Coming into Columbia College Chicago, I honestly believe it was everything I expected and more. If I would have known from the beginning when I began to consider a variety of college options, that this was the only school for me then I would have went straight to the campus and had selected it as my first choice after one visit. As an artistic person, this school satisfied me artisticaly while challenging me academically and although I favored other potential schools, they could not offer me the combinaion of skills I have learned in the art and entertainment industry world.