Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Concordia students are very welcoming and friendly. They are goofy and make the college experience fun.


The classmates that I have had in my classes have been very diverse, from the majors, cultures, and personalities I would say it is an amazing experience.


Everybody is active and talkative because classes are small due to the fact that Concordia University is a private instutation. My classmates get along with each other and everybody asks questions.


everyone is very friendly and loves to have a good time, playing sports, doing well in school, and being very social on the weekends.


Friendsly and eager to be in class


They are friendly, supportive, helping and there for you in and out of classes; they are true lifetime friends.


talkative and intersted in learning and discussing it.


They can be nice when they want to be; but mostly the stuck up.


My classmates at Concordia are intellegient, helpful, friendly and kind people I love to spend time with in and out of the classroom.