Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The thing I consider the worst at Concordia is how conservative it is. Lot's of the people who contribute to Concordia are older people who are missouri-synod Lutherans. They want to see nothing but a bunch of perfect Jesus following students who do nothing out of the ordinary. It is clear that certain groups are not welcome there and that even the people who are usually the majority at Universities don't feel welcomed. Sometimes it feels as if views are being forced into our heads. It's a Christian school, not a cult.


The clickiness kind of ruins the exprience at times because it closes off views and makes you feel that duality is always constant when your there.


The worst thing about my school is the options that we are given. I believe that our school lacks in terms of "major" options- whereas other schools have a broader range of courses and subjects. I feel as thought we are limited in terms of an "excess education" and that our school should expand it's horizons to reach out more to others. This would not only help the school community, but it would also move our school higher up on the "food chain" and more people would be interested in pursuing a degree from here.


Career Placement


Every school does have a wrost thing about their school, and our is the student union. We use to have a student union lounge where students can ust hang out and do homework to kill time, now it feel different when we changed the student union for the art department. Our new student union is smaller and no one go there anymore.


I don't consider it the worst thing, but the only thing that makes my life stressful is just the tuition here. It is very exspensive, I have family financial issues and although I get financial aid, it is very hard to still afford the school. I like everything about this school, it's just that it costs a lot and as a minority I can barely afford it every year; it's very tough for me.


The worst thing that I would consider about Concordia University is the public library. Sometimes it becomes a hassle when just about anyone can also use the library.


What I think is the worst thing about my school is the tuition. Saying so it is much harder for me because I have to apply for loans repeatedly each year and basically the tuition is the only main thing that is causing me trouble. But other than that everything else is fine.


not enough mend btween regular students and athletes


it costs to much money! I also dont recieve any financial aid so it makes it very hard to afford the school


The worst thing about this school for me - there are two - one is the cost to attend. I got a partial baseball scholarship, but it is still extremely expensive, and my parents don't have any money to help me out. I owe 42,000 for two years already. The other thing that's bad for me is that I'm not a diligent student, and because academics are so much more difficult than several state-owned schools (I've talked to friends who go to state-owned schools :), it makes it difficult for me.