Converse College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those who are uninterested in getting involved in student life and student activities and/or organizations would perhaps feel slightly our-of-the-loop at Converse. In order to have a truly fulfilling college experience at Converse, it is important for individuals to make every effort to be involved.


A person who does not have an open mind.


Converse College is a very diverse school, so anyone can fit right in to our small, women's college. However, because Converse is academically challenging, I think that a student who wants to party all of the time and participate in greek life, would not belong at Converse.


I think that Converse is very suitable for any girl. There are many diverse people that attend, therefore, it is easy to make friends. Although Converse isn't a big party school, if girls choose to do so, there are several other colleges in the area (ex. Wofford) that have bigger events to attend.

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