Converse College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I would've known how my future would play out. I got pregnant while attending Converse College, and it has been a very long, difficult process to return to school after such a long leave of absence. I wish that more staff would understand my situation and make the transition from student to student/new mom a lot easier.


The only thing that I wish I had known was what types of clubs and activities are there to do on campus. Converse really wants its students to get involved so make sure there are extracurriculars you want to get involved in.


I think part of the advantage of going to school out-of-state is that you really don't know what it will be like; that's what allows you to grow and become who you are. I can't honestly think of anything I wish I had known before attending my college, because I am truly happy here and am so thankful for the experience I've had.


I wish I had known there were schools with Community Organizing programs. I would love to study that but I love my school and wouldn't trade it for the world.