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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would determine to read all my books and get my notes up to date, I would listen to teachers and use every available respources that is offered to me. In addition, I wouldn't develope a habit to manage my time well by doing my homework on time and involving myelf in educative activity which the school offers. I would strife to make good grades because I want to be admited in the best university and as well get a descent job. furthermore, I would call colleges or visist them during transfer day so as not to pay admission fees on every college I contacted and still ending up with one. I would go to the liberians to seek for finanacial sources which I can use to pay my tuitions. I would also desire to early in classes, well dressed and ready to learn because hard work really pays back. Also, since I would depend on my parents to nature me through financing and encouragemnet while I am in college, I would do my best to please them so that they can have confident in me and know that I have great dreams and who will never refuse rebuke.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as an high school senior, I would tell myself to not to transfer to different schools. Don't buy books until you are really sure you are going to use them because it is a waste of money. After your freshmen year of college, try to get off campus housing so it will be easier to apply for in state tuition to avoid shelling out $10,000 more for tuition at an institution that is not worth it. Also freshmen year, party hard and do college activities you want to do because once you get into your major, its nothing but study hard. Get to know a lot of the administration on campus to make your experience more pleasurable especially when it comes to financial aid. Just enjoy those 4-5 years of college.


If I could go back in time, the advice I would give myself is, be prepared for a major changes. College is no joke in it is easy to slack off. Unlike high school, college is not mandatory so you have dedication if you want to make it through. Also there is a lot of work involved in college so be prepared to always have homework, test, and studying. Another thing is prioritize, not have your priorities in order can cause you to fall behind very quickly in college, u must stay on top of everything if you want to make it through college. Last but not least I would advice myself to take advantage of everything college has to offer, you don?t want to graduated from college wishing you would have done something?s different.


Go to the school of your choice, not based on financial means because you will regret it in the end


If i had the ability to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself how important it is to apply for schools and scholarships. I would also tell myself how my high school days are my best days and that is something I can not get back, so that is something i should enjoy while it last. Working to save up money for school would be a must. Lastly, i would tell myself to just be wise


If I could go back to my senior year in high school I wouldn't change anything because I felt like my senior year was my best year. I was on the principal honor roll the whole year. I was also the manager of Jr. Varsity football team, indoor and outdoor track. I was also the star player on the varsity girls badmiton team. I really wish I could go back to the beginning of my high school experience so I could do as good as I did my senior year.


Learn how to be more serious about education, and studying.


I would tell them to first and foremost to visit the school they want to attend. Visit all the school you've applied to and especially the ones you've selected. While at those school ask alot of questions and do not be shy to talk to students currently attending those schools while there. Once at school make the most out of it. Study hard, make alot of friends and be sure to have contact information on all of your professors. Become good friends with your roommate and work on becoming an adult.


My advice to a student seeking the right college for himself/herself is to find out what he/she wants from a college if they are going to fully use its resources. For example, if a student prefers to stay home and not experience the campus life right away, then maybe a community college may be what he/she needs, but they won't realize that if they don't know what they want. My advise to a parent with college bound children would be to make their children aware of what different colleges and universities have to offer early. This would allows a student to have plenty of time to choose which college would satisfy their need the best, and would also take a lot of anxiety off of the college selection process overall for students and parents alike.


I would tell them not to get stressed or worried about anything because there are programs at schools with counselors to help. I would also tell them to focus on the reason why they are there and they well succeed. Students will be successful if they choose a school with a campus that fits them, either big or small.


chose a college u can afford


Make sure it has all the things you look for in a higher education institue (classes, class size, etc.)


Choosing the right college to attend is an extremelt important decision that teens and their parents have to make. The best advice I would give to parents and students would be to start this process as early as possible. Thinking of things that the student enjoys studying and learning about will speed up the process of finding what major suits them best. Then begin thinking of what types of criteria the student wants their college to meet, so they can determine which ones measure up to their standards. For example, if the student plyed football throughout high school and would like to continue playing in college, then a school that does not offer football would not be the best choice for them. Going to college is mostly about getting an education, but having a social life is just as important. So, going to a school that offers a variety of activities would give the student the best opportunity to have a good social life. In conclusion, choosing the right college depends on the student, their personality type, and what career field interests them. Making the right decision takes time, and should be thought over thoroughly before choosing the right one.


The best advice that I would give parents and students about finding the right college is to research the college and the graduating statistics thoroughly. Make sure to visit the college campus before making a decision. Get some advice from the students who are currently enrolled in the college or unviersity, attend several workshops for prospective students. Also, talk to the chair person of the department of your intended major and/or minor to make sure it's meetss your desires and expectations. If the student decides to live on campus make sure to visit each and every dorm hall and inspect them thoroughly. Check out the student activities that are available for the student on campus. But most of all if it feels right then it is right. Dont chose a college because of the fraternaties or sororties or because your parents attended that college, then you will end up miserable or regretting your decision. Good luck!!!!!


I would say to really do your research on any school that you are interested in. You do not want to pay good money for a school and it is not all that you hoped it would be. So that is extremely important. I recomend that to parents and students.


investigate the program you're interested in and see what the campus has to offer.


The best advice for students and parents about choosing the right school is make sure you visit. Plan a visit during the actual school year on a regular school day. Talk to a counselor, sit in on a class, talk to the students I say this because; this is when things aren't being sugar coated for you. During freshmen orientation everything is planned and rehearsed, they show you the way things are supposed to run. If you attend on a normal day everyone is not on there best behavior and you can experience the true nature of a school, professors, and students. The way things are being ran on the day you visit are a reflection of how things are handled when you attend. The best advice for student on making the most of your college expereince is definetly surround yourself with positive and resourceful people. There is a saying " You are the company, you keep" and if you choose the wrong crowd and associate yourself with that type of environment you are labeled faster than you can blink. The parties and independence are what make college fun but remember you goals.


Advice I would give is think about how far you want to be from home, budget your money well, sign up for scholorships, grants, and loans. Also go visit the school before you say yes. Stay focused and do well and you will succed in life.


Any student interested in going to college needs to find a campus that fits their lifestyle. If you know your the type of person to party alot, go to a campus serious about school that has good parties and vice versa.


Focus on your career and have an idea of what you want to do


Be focus and enjoy


The best advice that i would give parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experince is to look at what works for you. Every college is not for everyone. Some students can work better in a large environment and some students works better in smaller environments like me. You have to see what works for you and use it . What does not work for you should be removed from your life. Make the most of the college experince because there are people that can not afford to attend college. Experience is a great tool for a successful career.


Advice I would give parents and/ or stduents about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would be to take your time. Chosing a college is not just trying to get out of your parents hosue. It is the next step to staring a new chapter in your life, a decision that is going to lead you to your career goal. When making the decision of your college choice read into your school, go visit on more than one occasion if possible. Once you have made the decision of what school you would like to go to, and you have started school; to make the most out of the college experience; get involved. Do not just go to school, go to your classes, and get your grades. There's more to college than that. Be involved in as many activities as possible. Do not hold back from anything!


I would let them know that they should make sure that the college is not only the right place, but also the best place for their learning experience. Never settle for less than you can and should recieve with education. Without an education, most people will never make it anywhere in life. Always remember that education comes first, so make the best out of your educational experience.