Crafton Hills College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Listen, here's something you need to know. It's ok to be social, it's ok to slack sometimes, don't change those things. Everything you did was for a reason, and it brought you here. But PLEASE, pay attention to scholarship deadlines! I am currently filling out a scholarship that was due 3 months ago...but you know what? I'm going to do it anyways. Even if I do not get selected, there were some questions about my school that could be important to the furthering of the quality of the school. Like I said though, don't miss out on an opportunity due to negligence.


You won't ever know exactly what you'll be doing five, ten, or even just a few months from now, so don't overthink it. There are so many options and repercussions for those options that you'll never be able to plan perfectly, choose perfectly, or prepare for perfectly. Enjoy the variety, but don't assume that there will always be those opportunities to reapproach later. I know you won't know what you want to do until you do it, but don't think that means you're wasting your time. You can't maintain the perspective that things just happen to you, so instead, make yourself happen to the world, and take proactive control over your life by staying conscious in the moment, and developing a never-ending thirst for new knowledge and experiences. It will grow you in ways you will learn to appreciate over time.


Honestly, my concern to myself and the way i lived my life in the past would be more of the path i chose. Education is huge and a must I would say to myself, but my aim in life is what matters. I ended up making several mistakes, which i take no regret in, because i see Gods mercy played out in my life through those mistakes. Education was the last thing on my mind. Living a life of partying, I soon would found myself in several rehabs, jail, and a life of sorrow. One might look at such a person and say, "you will never make it". I'm here to say that by the grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my whole life has been changed. My aim in life is to please my Father and give Him the glory, therefore, my motives have changed. I now see education as a way of life. To follow my Father's footsteps, and if school is where He wants me, there i am! Therefore, the words i would display to my old self would be...THERE IS HOPE!


If I was able to go back to high school and talk to myself, I would tell myself high school is way too easy to fail even one class, and forget about the high school parties wait till you're in college the party is alot better. Only if you had good grades in high school


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first piece of advice would be listen to what the ACT test recommended for areas of study. I am back in school because my first degree did not fit my personality type. I should have gone into something related to the medical field. Do not be afraid of poking someone with a needle. It is okay to not start out confidently when you begin college. I would tell myself that the most important thing in a profession is to love what you do, even if it means changing your major part way through your junior year. I would also tell myself that it is okay to go away to college. It can be a great experience. Explore the world around you. Education is not only learned at college but where we travel and through the people that we meet. I would also recommend that you take more fun classes. As well as getting a degree it is okay to develop other talents and hobbies. Spend time having fun too. You do not have to finish in exactly 4 years.


The advice i would give myself is: Time will get rough but no matter what, continue on with your education. In order to recieve and achieve your goal, you must maintain high grades. When it comes to homework, do not procrastinate. If you put a hold on it, by the time you get to it, you'll realize something will come up to where you can not complete it, or when you get to it, you'll realize you should have done it earlier becuase now you're going to get like 4 hours of sleep.


I would have told myself to sign up for as many scholarships as possible, I tried for none then and am paying the price now. Literally. I have to put my dream school off for a few years because I cant afford it, and its not even an expensive school.


The very first thing I would tell myself, would be a list teachers. Directing myself who and whom not to take. Second, I would heed warning about the construction that takes place, as well as the dreadful parking situation. In addition I would give myself hints as to what certain professors are looking for, to aid my success and perhaps decrease the stress level. Lastly, I would tell myself to simply follow my mind. I have no regrets concerning my college life up till now, so I would want myself to do exactly what I would normally do. Everything happens for a reason, so I wouldn't want to chance altering my path, but just trying to avoid a few bumps in the road.


I would tell myself to first go to Craftons financial aid team and see what they can do for me and look for scholarships online. I would also tell myself to not slack off because the faster I get done with college the closer I am to my career. I would also tell myself to encourage others to go to college too.