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Creighton has a small campus, size and population wise. This means that students can fit more classes in a daily schedule and walk between classes with no problem. With regards to Creighton's student population, it is ideal. Students obtain close bonds with classmates and teachers, seeing as class sizes are around 30 people on average. Most of the time a student will know atleast one person within each class he/she has.


Creighton University cares about the success of each student.


Creighton is a very welcoming environment. The freshman dorms quickly foster friendships that last you a lifetime. However, what has miffed me the most is the close-minded thinking that surrounds the issue of smoking and drinking. Most students will drink, and many will drink quite a lot. But very few ever smoke marijuana and look down upon it heavily. My room mates and I would often smoke in our dorm room, not worrying about getting caught. Everyone knew we smoked quite a bit, but they didn't mind telling anyone or busting us. Instead, they shunned us and treated us differently. All we wanted to do was get along and be friendly, yet everyone else treated us like outcasts. I think of it as the worst form of hypocrisy: People would stumble to their rooms drunk and everyone would shrug it off and consider it normal human behavior. We show up at the dining hall a little stoned, and everyone gives us the stink eye. If you like pot, avoid Creighton. I've met a few accepting people, but if you're in the midwest and want a pot-friendly college, head to UNO or UNL.


the campus is so full of life.


Creighton embraces some of the ideals that come with being Jesuit school. The Jesuit ideals are virtuous and applicable to all peoples.


residence hall community partner program. each hall has a non-profit organization in the Omaha community where residents can volunteer. Fall and Sprign break service trips.


level of service and quality of acedemics with Greek Life


It is very Catholic but still provides resourses for other religions. The overall cost of this school is more than any others I applied to but with the financial aid they gave me it ended up being the cheapest option.


It is highly involved in the health care professions. It has a great physcial therapy program and that is why I chose to go there.


I really liked that the freshman dorms were located in the middle of campus. It made it so things were always happening around us and it was easier to get involved that way.


I have heard Creighton described as a University that preaches socialism and practices widespread captialism. It is just something to know.


Overall Creighton is the ideal college in my opinion, you have a lot of freedom and I feel that Creighton allows you to discover who you really are!!


the Catholic values are definitely present on campus and i'm not sure if i would have picked Creighton if I wasn't Catholic The lack of student health services for sexually active students upsets me. I feel like we should have some form of planned parenthood type services, or atleast condoms for sale on campus.


I am so happy I chose Creighton!! I feel like i'm getting my money's worth, I have learned so much! I don't feel like a number or out of place. The friends I have met are all awesome and have the same goals that I do. Creighton pushes me to do my best and I have grown so much in just one year!


You have to be willing to work hard and play hard at the same time in order to have a great experience here. You don't have to drink, however there is a very big drinking community here, and that is typically what people do on the weekends and it is how you meet people from different groups.


The one thing I hate here is how much they hound you with alcohol awareness programs. Its college, people are going to drink. The endless talks and programs about it drive people to drink more.


Don't come to Creighton unless you have an insane scholarship. Go somewhere better. The entire Creighton's campus from the students, to the administration, to the rules are very high school.


The opportunities for undergrads to get involved with research here are phenomenal compared to most other schools. Students at Creighton end up presenting research as early as sophomore year whereas many other universities don't let students into the research labs until their juniors or seniors.


I love Creighton. I'm so glad I came here.