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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is growing on Creighton's campus. There are now 7 sororities and 6 fraternities. Greek life here, though, is not crazy party time like it may be at other schools. They are more just social organizations. A lot of students participate in volunteering and intermural sports as well. A lot of students go to our athletic events to support our teams, and that is a great activity to do on weekend nights if you do not feel like going off campus. Near campus there are restaurants, ice cream shops, a movie theater, and many other fun things that you can do. The Century Link Center is right down the street, so you can attend concerts or go to athletic events that are happening there. There are probably half the students that are dating, and the other half is single. There are a lot of opportunities freshman year to get to meet fellow students, and I would advise fully taking advantage of those opportunities to get to know people.


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I met my best friends simply by living on the same floor as them in our dorm. I met one girl at a floor dinner we had together and then saw her working out at the KFC when I was there. I wrote a note on her door that we should work out together and we ended up being really good friends. She and I actually just traveled to Europe together. As I met a few girls on my floor they introduced me to more girls on my floor and more guys they hung out with and I did the same for them. As we all introduced each other to our closest group of friends our circles widened and I ended up meeting lots of people through other friends and even in class.


I believe all the groups that Creighton has are popular. Each group sparks a different interest in different people. Lots of students leave their door opened, its is a way to get to know people. you can have the most random people walk in your door, and have an amazing time. The athletics, speakers, and theater are as successful as the students make them. I have never seen any even bomb, there are good crowds at the events and students like to go and support other students. The dating scene at Creighton is hard for girls than guys because the ratio ir 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} guys and 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} girls. So girls get the short end of that deal, but if you want a boyfriend/girlfriend I am pretty sure that you would be able to find someone at Creighton. I met my closest friends my hanging out on my floor and just talking with people and being friend. Also joining a sorority also aloud me to meet a lot of amazing girls. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I would probably be getting ready to go to bed from more than likely studying or very rarely waking up from falling asleep watching a movie. There are lots of things to do on campus rather than drink. But if you really want to drink and party, it is a college so you will be able to find one if you want to. The parties are not on campus though since there is no housing right near Creighton and the students who are 21 do not live on campus or live on the other side of campus. There are lots of things to do besides drink, you can play apples to apples, watch movies, go to Old Market, play board games, you would be amazed at the things you think of to do in college.


always something to do or something to see on campus many activites and involvement


Creighton is big on Basketball and soccer. Those are major social events on campus, but those are not the only ones. Creighton has a theater program that puts on plays and Creighton also brings in many guest speakers. As for partying and other things the emphasis is what you put it on. There are people who put 7 days a week and seem to slack there way through school so I am sure you could find a party if you know the right people regardless of the day.


A lot of people are involved in the Birdcage, which is the athletic club at Creighton. The Birdcage is involved with setting up for basketball or soccer games and getting people to come to those games. My closest friends lived in the same dorm as I did, and we spent every weekend together. We usually just hang out in the dorms, having dance parties or watching movies. We've also played hide and seek on the mall a couple times. Fraternities and Sororities aren't as big of a deal at Creighton as they are in other college campuses. They are nice groups to be in if you want, but it is not necessary.


The dorm life can be whatever you make of it. If you go out of your way to meet the people in your hall, you may be uncomfortable for a while, but eventually you'll know those people very well and they could become your best friends. There is a wide variety of activities from one weekend to the next, fraternities have parties, there are restaurants and coffee shops close to campus, but sometimes you just hang out in the dorms.


Well the most popular student group is the Birdcage....the fan club for the basketball team. Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball are the most popular teams on campus. Inter Residence Hall Government is another popular organization on campus. Im involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and I really enjoy being able to communicate about faith with other athletes. Yes students leave dorm rooms open. Athletic Events are huge!! Gust speakers and theater is big too!! 2am oin a Tuesday I am studying or getting up to go run!! Frats and Sororities arent that important on campus. On a saturday night you can go to the old market and have a nice meal....go to a movie....hit the underground music scene.


IM Sports are common. The basketball games are really popular. People do party at Creighton, but definitely not as much as a state school. Same goes for the frats and sororities. It's a good idea to get invovled with whatever school you are in.


Social life = drinking and college sports.


Good Greek life, fraternities and sororities actually do things besides party. There are lots of sponsored events on campus, as well as unofficial parties in and around campus. Downtown Omaha is a 10 minute walk away offering coffee shops, etc.


volunteering is a major aspect of campus and it seems like almost every student does some form of philanthropy. spring break service trips are very popular. kids LOVE creighton basketball!! the games are very fun. GREEK LIFE IS HUGE!! I love it!!! the frats and sororities have a major representation on campus. i'm not sure what you do if you don't friends who abstain from alcohol still go out to all of the same parties i do, so you can still go out and not be pressured to drink and you can still have fun. fake ids are EXTREMELY popular and almost EVERY underage student that goes out has one. The bars are fun, and the main creighton bar is the jay, which is very close to campus. dorm life is fun, especially sophomore year because you choose to live around all of your friends.


Whatever your interests, there is something for you to get involved in on campus. Really. And if something doesn't exist, you can start a club! I'm involved in the Ultimate Frisbee club team. It was a totally random meeting that my friend dragged me to, but I ended up meeting my closest friends through the team! We spend time together outside of practices and games. Dorms are very social and community-oriented places. In Kiewit, people didn't leave their doors open but spent a lot of time in the Neutral Zone socializing. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm finishing a paper in the NZ surrounded by fun people. I loved my floor and was very sad to leave!!! People party actually quite a bit. Creighton has a "work hard, play hard" philosophy. However, the CARE program deters people quite a bit, and has given some people a much-needed wake-up call. Fraternities and sororities are prevalent on campus, but not central. I'm personally not involved in one, and have several friends that are. They're a great way to get involved and meet new people, but aren't necessary to feel part of the campus community. It was a little difficult not to feel left out when everyone was rushing, but that died down and things were back to normal. They're just like another extracurricular club.


Most students leave their dorm roomed unlocked, but not open all the time cuz it gets noisy. Atheletics are pretty popular, but not as much as alot of other schools. Theater is big though. The dating scene is mostly either just hooking up for a night or fairly short term. If your awake at 2 am your either laying awake trying to sleep but people in the dorms are screaming up and down the hallways or your cramming for a test for the next day. People party about every weekend if they want, but most are very lame and low key. sororities and frats are important, but are a joke compared to other colleges. things to do that dont include drinking include going to concerts at the Qwest Center, go to dance clubs, or going to a movie...not very much to do.


Creighton is not a prodominantly party school. People focus on their academics but party as well. People won't give you a hard time if you need to stay in for the night and study, but on the other hand, there is always a party to go to. I met my closest friends from everyone being so open on my floor! At the beginning of the year everyone goes to the soccer games where the school puts on huge BBQ's that are really nice and fun! If you want to be a greek, cool, but if not its not a big deal, you wait until the second semester to rush so you don't determine your friends by what sorority you are in. Off campus there is shopping, cool apartments to hang out at, new music bars, concerts, great food, etc.


Greek community is very popular, however it's only about half of creighton's population who are involved. The sororities are very defined in their differences however, people easily fit into 2 of them, at the least. Students do leave their doors open, espeically the first year, and there is a very trusting mentality in that doors are often left unlocked. Athletic events are very popular, particularly the men's basketball and soccer games. The dating scene is not very good, since girls out number guys in a 60:40 ratio. Also the community is just small enough that people know when two creighton students start dating, and when they break up. Awake on a Tuesday generally means you're cramming for an exam the next day. Awake on a Thursday means you just got back from the bar scene and are still looking for something fun to do.


Some of the more popular groups on campus are the fraternities because they have houses, whereas the sororities don't. I'm involved with Creighton Students Union Program Board which plans fun activities for students. For example, movie nights, ice skating, comedians, speakers, diversity programs, concerts, etc. Alot of freshman leave their doors open in the dorms, but sophomores and up usually don't. Basketball and soccer games are pretty popular, and baseball is somewhat. Theater performances usually sell out. Guest speakers usually attract around 300 people. Dating at Creighton is hard for girls because there are so few guys. My closest friends all lived on my floor last year in the Freshman Leadership Program. Some of the others I met through my sorority. On a rare occasion I'll be out partying on a Tuesday at 2:00. Otherwise, I"m usually studying. Each year we have homecoming and spring fling week. We also have our Fallapalooza concert where we've brought the Black Eyed Peas, Jimmy Eat World, and OAR. We also have a foam party every year during welcome week. People party just about every Friday and Saturday. Greeks are about 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body. Last weekend I went to Worlds of Fun one day, and partying at fraternity houses. You can do many things without drinking, such as CSU Program Board events.


I'm a part of GSA, which is the Gay Straight Alliance. It's pretty nice. Greek life is really popular despite the administration saying it's not. Gallagher is communal. Kiewit is not because the doors close automatically. I never felt a part of any community though. I tried and, honestly, most Creighton students are not people I would feel comfortable with. Athletics are very popular. Guest speakers and Theater not so much unless it's a class requirement. There are very few cute boys on Creighton's campus. And most of the cute ones are gay. I feel very sorry for straight girls. 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are girls and 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are boys. take that statistic as you will. I met my once closest friends through my RSP, and then they had sex with my now ex-girlfriend, so if that gives any insight on the Creighton student, then read into it. Tuesday 2 am, probably studying because that's the only thing people do. It's disgusting. Some do some don't it depends. Greek is very important. Last weekend, I went to The Run, which is a good gay dance club. Saturday go to the Slowdown for a concert, go to the old market, go to a park, exercise. I dance and fly kites off campus, and hang out with my friends that don't live on campus.


Intermurals are pretty popular at Creighton. Greek life is also big, despite the small number of sororities and fraternities many people get involved in them. Many students leave their rooms open for people to stop by and visit. Creighton men's basketball is a big deal on campus, most of the student body gets really involved in that. The dating scene is different for everyone, it once again just depends on the person.


Jays for Christ is a great organization for good clean fun. You don't have to worry about being pressured into doing anything. Also, it is a great place to learn, grow, and strength your faith.


a few sororities/fraturnities. most are on probation


Greek life is big on campus.


Omaha’s not a bad town to go to college in, but it's not a "college town" per se. Most social options are accessible more by car than foot (though there’s a lot more by foot now – the Slowdown dance/music club, Filmstreams independent theatre, etc. - than there was 10 years ago). Creighton’s very reputable Division-1 basketball team attracts the 13th largest home crowd in the nation at the Qwest Center on the east side of Creighton’s campus. Downtown Omaha, to Creighton’s south and east, is safe and full of stuff to do. The Holland Center (symphony, “classy” music), and the Orpheum Theatre (traveling Broadway shows, ballet) both offer very cheap student tickets. The Old Market has dozens of restaurants, bars, and shops, and is a very popular CU scene. Most CU students do their shopping at the Target at 72nd and Dodge, which emphasizes how handy having a car (or a friend with one) is in Omaha. There is a strong Greek community on campus, but it's definitely more low-key than at a state school, and the Greeks and really nice and inclusive to we non-Greeks as well. Quite a bit of partying seems to go down on the weekends (mostly in connection with the Greeks), but they seem to know how to keep a healthy balance.