Creighton University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


the teachers are nice and are willing to help. friends and classmates are friendly and willing to help each other out. the buildings on campus are very nice and well kept.


When I talk to my friends about my experience at Creighton University, I always let them know what amazing opportunities I have had. Both my freshman and sophomore years, I was accepted into living communities on Creighton?s campus. My first community was academically focused, which helped me adjust to college and allowed me to form a core group of friends. In my second living community, we spent time in service to the larger Omaha community. Through these experiences, I believe that Creighton has allowed me to grow in unique ways to grow into a fuller and more complete person.


Creighton University is not only in the heart of the United States, it is filled with diverse students from across the states and abroad that put education, service, faith, and justice close to their hearts. The teachers are just as passionate and love working with students and sharing their own passions.


I would probably say the class sizes and the schools tradition.


The academic curriculum is more rigorous then the University back home. Also, the school has air conditioning in all the rooms!


I like to tell my friends that Creighton offers the best education over other schools in my state. Our teachers and speakers are well known and offer a great amount of knowledge. Everyone knows that Creighton is a school for people who are serious about their goals, and I enjoy bragging that I'm on my way to success.


The facilities and amenities on campus. Wi-Fi access in most areas around campus and the constant attention to detail given to the campus.


The name.


Small classes, profs know my name and face, small size of campus, availability of executive positions in extracirriculars, alumni grill, diner, sense of community, geographic diversity of students, emphasis on community service