Creighton University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


a select few teachers arent as fair as you think they would be. one of my teachers seem to favor people which made it harder to succeed in that class.


The worst thing about Creighton is the prestige. Yes, Creighton has great academic standing but there is a lot of pressure to succeed and anything less than that is not openly frowned upon, but is frowned upon nonetheless.


As worst thing i can say that our school fee is very expencive.


Very expensive.


Although Creighton is a great university to attend purely for academics, it is very strict and similar to high school in many ways. The Residence Halls are flooded with RA's that seem to want to get kids in trouble for even the smallest things. Having fun goes hand in hand with working hard, but it seems apparent that Creighton is geared towards the latter. If you are a prospective student searching for the full college social experiance, Creighton University might not be the right place for you.


The cost of tuition, it's pretty expensive, but it has the degree I'm really interested in and I think this school will give me a great education.


The worst thing about Creighton would have to be the cost. I am on my own in taking care of the cost because my parents can't afford to help me. I have some financial aid, but not enough to allow me to attend the school without worrying each semester if I have enough to cover the year's tuition. It distracts from my study time, and it is an emotional problem for me. I hate feeling like I'm not good enough for this school financially.


There is nothing wrong with Creighton University. You get a lot of help from your professors because the class size is really small. The classes are really close by, nothing is too far. The food is great because you have a lot of options. There a lot of majors/minors and you don't have to declare a major until your sophomore or junior year.


The wost thing about the school is the food...I wish we had more variety and a more convenient meal plan.


THe dinning service.


There is not enough parking!


There us a lot of core requirements that don't relate to your major as well as some snooty people- very cliquey.