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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Planning for financial aid and weighing the costs and benefits. I chose Creighton because they had a great physical therapy program and promised a position if you went through their undergraduate program. You could also apply to their PT program with three years of undergraduate instead of four. Taking all this into account, and weighing the costs and benefits, I thought that it would be worth it to pay the high tuition, knowing that I was gauranteed a position in their program. But when I applied three years later, I was put on the alternate list. I now have to complete another year of undergrad and pay $20,000 more in loans, and the benefits no longer outweigh the costs. Therefore, I would tell others that nothing is gauranteed and you should try as hard as you can to get into a good AND affordable school. Fill out as many scholarships as you can and save your money. The best thing to do is try to leave school with as little debt as possible. It's not worth going to a great school for a great profession, if you are spending the rest of your life paying off loans.