Creighton University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Creighton University is the support system that the school provides for its students. Whether it is extended library hours during midterms and finals, the availability of the professors and staff and the many programs and services that the school and its organizations provide, Creighton University really wants its students to succeed. However Creighton doesn’t focus solely on the academic aspect of a student, they also concentrate on improving people’s bodies and souls.


One of the most comforting aspects of the curriculum at Creighton, which I found particularly helpful for freshman students, is Creighton's Ratio Studiorum Program. This 1-credit class is mandatory for all first semester freshman, and helps students adjust to college life. The faculty advisor outlines the graduation requirements, core curriculum, and the philosophy of a liberal arts college. The upper classmen student advisors for the class helps freshman develop study skills, find great study spots on campus, and which dining halls make the best food. Overall, the Ratio Studiorum Program facilitates the adjustment to college life.


The best thing about Creighton is how friendly everyone is! Especially freshman year, everyone is so welcoming.


The community feel.


The best thing is the possibility for career advancement since Creighton teaches you how to get a job in the field you desire.


i love the buildings and the people.


Faculty and educational programs


It is very academic and in many ways it excels at teaching students how to think, i.e. providing them with a liberal arts education. Discussion is encouraged, even outside of the classroom, and students have intelligent conversations with one another as a result.


The large core, although somewhat annoying, makes for a very well rounded education. Rather than only taking classes for you major, almost half of your courses require you to take classes you would normally never take, such as theology and philosophy.


The value the school places on hard work, education, and success


Great scholarships for academically minded students.