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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

To outsiders, there is definitely a view of Crown students as the "good Christian kids." It may strike many as weird to see college students praying with each other, singing worship songs, using "Christian" lingo, etc. Seeing all this drives the stereotype; however, it is important to remember that like all stereotypes, there are many exceptions to the rule, and there is always a deeper story to any stereotype. The truth is, most of the students love the Lord very much, and are serious about pursuing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Crown very much values a community based setting, and most of the students are very welcoming and hospitable. The student leadership is the lifeblood of this community mindset, and are the reason many people both choose and remain at Crown College.

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The stereotype is that all students are religious world-changing preachers and Billy Graham-to-bes, unfortuantely, that's not all of us. We are awesome group of students who believe in a Christ-centered life and the importance of missions and a life that glorifies God. We are not all preachers or Bible majors. However, we believe in relating faith to everything we learn. For example, I am an education major and we learn Christian education thoughts and philosophies.

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The stereotype of students at Crown from the outside is like that of a community college. That isn't the case at all. Crown is a community of believers as well as scholars in their chosen fields whether it be nursing, business, or vocational ministry.

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