CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


My school has a lot of diverse majors but student who wants to pursue on business and nursing they are not really welcome there. Because if they do it's going to a wasting time for them, they're going to be oblige to take courses they don't really need for their education. And going to be messing up with their financial aid if they have one. John Jay is more about liberal art and law students, so i will also refer to those science students to find others Colleges or Universities where their needs are applied for them.


In order to avoid being a "revolving door" student, it is important that prospective students have a clear idea of the concept of ideologies offered at John Jay. As an example, those looking into a criminal justice degree should not have an immature or superficial approach to justice and service to the community (thrill-seekers).


My school is very diverse. I've met so many new types of people. People who shouldn't go to John Jay are people who are close-minded and have no desire to meet new people who are completely different from them.


People who like to have fun should not attend this college people who like social interact also should not attend this school. People who are looking for dorms should also not attend this college.


This school is a criminal justice school so if you are into art and music this isn't the school for you.


I think a person who is determined to go into law enforcement, or want to be in the criminal justice field should attend this school because most of the school's majors mostly focus on Criminal Justice. The school also highly recommend students to become great lawyers with the teaching of the laws and helping to improve their English.