CUNY LaGuardia Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the teachers the best thing about my school. I have never had a class where the teacher half-assed it like the stories I have heard from friends in other schools. They challenged me to work harder when I just considered it a stop-gap for another school. Now I want to work for LaGuardia Community College's Honor's Society to help other students.


The best aspect of my school, without a doubt, would be its technology . Classrooms are "smart" classrooms equipped with computers and projectors. Black board is implemented throughout our course work and we have the chance to use Power Point in our presentations. We have fully equipped computer labs. Not only is it convenient but considerate to those who may not have computers at home.The labs are always open and ready for when one forgets to print out their assignment that is dude in five minutes. Staff is always available to help those who are not computer savvy.


Attending LaGuardia Community College the best thing I consider about this school is the unlimited resources that is available to the students in order to reach the academic goals, there is always a staff member willing to guide you to success.