CUNY New York City College of Technology Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


There is a stereotype that students are uneducated. On occasions you are in the elevator and you may here ignorant conversations but you have to keep in mind that many of the students are underclassmen and straight out of high school. The school has a rigorous curriculum and professors that are not lenient and have great expectations. I am sure that those students that are eager to learn and grow will mature in adults and professionals.


New York City College of Technology is a multifaceted school, that in my opinion has a place for everyone.  It has plethora of majors that draw people from different cultural backgrounds and intellect.  Although there undeniably are preferences among students, most people get along and classes are very harmonious.  I would dare say there is no set stereotype to describe such a diverse school; which un any case is located in the heart of a diverse city.


There are a wide variety of students at New York city college of technology. There is a little bit of everything. The diversity is great.


The sterotype of students at my school, is that this school is a school that kids go to if they can't get into any other schools or they did less than stellar in high school. At least thats what I thought when applying for this school. I found that this isn't true at all. This school is full great individuals who are all working towards one goal... to further their education. Like myself many people are here to both save money; as CUNY is a cheaper schooling option and to obtain an undergraduate degree, then go on to another accredited school for their bachelors or higher.