Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Dakota Wesleyan is best known for it's Nursing Program and it's athletes.


Dakota Wesleyan University is probably well known for its nursing program. A family friend and my grandmother went to DWU for their nursing program and had great things to say about it.


Our school is best known for a good Christian education. At Dakota Wesleyan University they focus much of their classes and free time on the religious side of its students. It is a good school because although it is a Methodist college you can be any religion and still attend. They have a weekly worship, and encourage other faith-based activities throughout the week. I think Wesleyan has a good reputation for having many culturally and ethnically diverse students at its school.


Dakota Wesleyan is best known for providing services that make a student a whole well-rounded individual, not just an expert in their specialized field but a wholistic and educated individual in many prospects of life and the world today.


The small campus and small classes.




Dakota Wesleyan University is best known for the Nursing Field.


Nursing Program.