Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

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This school is very small, but it could give you the same tools and education that a nationally-known university could.


Dakota Wesleyan is unique because it is the only school that I felt a calling to be at. DWU offers everything that I was looking for including leadership and service opportunities as well as a way to easily become involved and a working part of the school. DWU was also the only place that offered me the chance to work in the Admissions office and help others to realize that DWU could be their home as well.


Dakota Wesleyan was one of my few options because of the distance to other schools. I like the fact that it has small class sizes andthat they professors know your name after the first few class sessions.


It's a private liberal arts school with a Methodist faith-based teaching style which puts us into classes that allow students to explore the powers that lie within us and also explore the world around us, opening up new cultures and new ways of thinking.


I think the small class sizes make us closer as a community and i think that makes us unique. I think we are a really close knit college.


The small enrollment and class sizes. Also the level of involvement.


The faculaty and staff have genuine care. You are not just a number.