Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Dakota Wesleyan University?


When bragging about my school to friends and family it always gets brought up that the students on campus are very nice and homely. Being a part of the soccer team at the school makes me feel like a family away from home.


When I tell my friends about Dakota Wesleyan University I brag about how our campus feels like a small community inside of a city. Everyone knows everyone. Our campus also makes me (and others) feel at home. Dakota Wesleyan also provides many opportunities for students to get involved. They hold dances, comedians, grocery bag bingo, and my favorite, chapel. Besides helping students get involved we also have many opportunites to advance ourselves in our education. I always brag to my friends about all the fun events we have and how happy I am with my college choice.


The thing I brag about the most is the small campus size and the small class sizes. Having the small class sizes makes it very easy to interact with your professors and get to know them better. Everyone on campus is so nice and always greets you with a smile.


The relationships built with professors and other campus staff. We eat dinner at our professors houses sometimes and all of the staff seems to genuinely care about us, not only academically but also personally. I also like to brag about the great people who are here and our elementary school on campus providing hands on experience for us education majors. I debated a lot of schools, but I'm glad I chose DWU!


How friendly everyone is here.


The awesome, family-like atmosphere at DWU, how easy it is to get and stay involved, and the amazing campus ministry program.


The small class sizes and the great student to teacher ratio.