Dallas Christian College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That all the people who go there are amazing to hang out with. Everybody is really nice and they care about you and your future and life. Its a great place to make friends and learn alot about life.


There are many things that I find attractive about Dallas Christian College (DCC). First, I like the size. It is small, with only 150 daytime students, which makes the school very much a community. Yet despite the small size, the professors have extensive knowlege and experience in their area of expertise, and are very good communicators. But what really helped me make up my mind to go to DCC was when I attended an event at which the President spoke. He spoke very strongly about the schcool's belief in Discipleship, which I believe is very lacking in America today.


It is a great place to find community. With it being a smaller school you are able to make great connections with others that will last a long time. You meet new people easily and feel welcome. There is a lot of accountablility great for a Christian atmopshere!


Our basketball team ranked the highest in the CIAA.


How interested I am in the classes I have and how well I do on my grades.


I brag about how awesome the professors are.