Dallas Christian College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is serious about getting to know God and not ashamed to share it with others.


Someone full of life and seeking the Lord! Our community is rich in love and warmth. If you have a desire to get the best education by the greatest professors in an amazing environment then attend Dallas Christian College! You will be a fully equipped leader ready to conquer the world when you leave here!


Someone who is wanting good teachers who care about you and want to help you understand the work you need to know. This school also will help you learn more about the bible and the facts that back up God's word. The people are all kind and is a friendly environment. So it should be soemone who is really searching for a relationship with Jesus.


A person who is dedicated to thier studies. It takes alot of hard work to keep up with the accelerated courses if you are a night student. If you are a day student be prepared to spend most of your time in chapel or small group studies. The classes are not easier just have more time to complete assignments compared to the night students. A person who is great with time management, a good attitude and willing to spend thier or the governments money should attend.


Someone wanting a closer relationship with God as well as further their education.