Davenport University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Davenport was very convenient for someone like myself who was working full-time and wanted to complete their degree.


Davenport is a University that beleives in using professors that are leaders and experts in the real world to cultivate a hands-on learning envirorment for the students that they are teaching.


Davenport University - A one stop shop solution specialist for the adult learner who seek a degree in health/business/information technology.


I am taking on-line classes, so I've never physically been to Davenport, but I can say that my advisor and the staff at the university have been there to help me whenever I've needed help with my classes or with something technical .


Davenport University is a private school that just is on the verge of greatness, it just got new athletic center, the teachers are great and its a place you will never get bored.


Davenport Univeristy is a small, simple college with many, life changing opportunities to take advantage of with little time to experience everything.


The quality teaching environment and fast-paced classes attract me to Davenport University, along with our Panther-spirit and career-oriented goals that I see many of the students displaying.


Brand new and not your typical "dorms" , I love living here, but it needs to offer more majors and get more students envolved.


Davenport is an excellent school with excellent staff that has each person's educational needs in mind and will help you achieve your goals.


Davenport University is a relativly small school with nice class sizes of about twenty students. The main focus of the school is on the areas of business, health, and technology.


I recommend students ask as many questions as neccessary to be completely informed about the assignment the professor is asking.


Davenport University is a college that specializes in three fields including business, medical, and technology.


Davenport University is a well-rounded place where professors take the extra time to help students with their work and career goals.


It is a good school if you have a car and are willing to be bored more often than not.




This school is heavily focused on business practice.


Davenport University is a school that requires students to put forth effort to acheive their degree, is very customer friendly, and rewards for hard work and efforts put forth.


Davenport University is a friendly and proactive atmosphere.


Davenport is friendly, challenging, and diverse, with a faculty that truly cares about its students and helping them acheive their goals.


A business school that provides great education without the atmosphere typically found in a traditional university.


Great, lots of very nice people that are willing to help you and make sure that you are learning every step of the way.


Students are encouraged to be themselves while striving to be the best accedemic selves possible by learning and enjoying the learning process.


Davenport's a unique, challenging school.


A wonderful college, that will help you see your future.


Davenport is business oriented and it has a culturally rich environment.


Davenport University is the TOTAL package.


This school is a very diverse group of students all working towards common career goals.


Davenport University is a very small school with very friendly people and a strong social environment.


Small class rooms, friendly staff, great library and commons section. The library is about half the school with a huge space to study in comfort. Lots of newer technology and fun hands on learning.