Davenport University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My fellow students all seem to be dedicated and hard working people.


Davenport is a mix of college age students and returning adults. It is a supportive and healthy environment for learning.


Students here are pretty diverse, from new high school graduates to older students going back for a new career.


My classmates are working adutlts.


Since I'm taking on-line classes I have a virtual classroom, and the other students are all very professional, helpful, and kind in the discussion room.


Classmates place a high value on learning. They want to do their very best. I notice that classmates would rather avoid the easy route to learning and do what is possible to gain a better understanding of the subject. Group projects run smoothly because everyone does their part. Other team members have no problem picking up the slack when someone falls behind. Most projects that I have worked on have been very organized, effective, and efficient.


All ages, part time and full time people with full time jobs, but also students who just graduated highschool.


My classmates are shy, but when the first week of class is over they warm up to the teacher and their peers and become friendly, which allows me to become more confident and social with my classmates in order to get our assignments done and make it through the sememster to the best of our abilities.


My classmates are eager to learn.


Most of my classes are online but when I do attend class the students seem to be friendly and career focused.


Many of my classmates are older students, we are more women than men, but we all have families, jobs or are unemployed and we all have busy lives. Many of us older students know what we want and are going for what we want or need. The younger students its a different story but thank God that Davenport has a huge older student population. It has made returning to school in my mid 40's not so scarry.


My classmates are of diverse back ground.




They are a young group with such diverse thoughts and backgrounds; a complement to the universtity.


I take classes online at this time, but last year I attended campus and everyone was incredibly friendly and easy to get along with.


My classmates are helpful when I need them, and we work together.


Everyone is very nice and outgoing! They are very easy to get along with and always trying to help others


They are very friendly and helpful.


Focused and determined to succeed.


Sometimes quite and boring, but once they open up there a lot of fun to be around and are a great group of people.


My classmates are just like me.


My classmate are helpful and very friendly.


A very diverse group of people from all walks of life.


My classmates are those who push me to do my best, help when I am in need, and allow me to be who I am.


They are friendly and easy to talk to


They are mixed between tech nerd and business gurus.