Davenport University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who should not attend Davenport is one who wants to be a traditional college student. There are class times during the day but not at prefered times. If there is a Davenport student at another Davenport campus, they for sure experince the above problem. Also to complete their degree plan they must attend antother campus for some courses or an online class. Students should not have to go through this. When they pick a college they should be able to get all of their classes at that location not another campus.


Disabled persons have few financial options. Those who home study have fewer still


All of the following are traits/characteristics that people shouldn't be looking for at Davenport University: Someone who wants to party a lot on campus. Someone who wants to be okay with failing classes. Someone who wants to skip class often. Someone who doesn't want to learn. Someone who doesn't want to do homework or put forth the effort in the class.


A person that is going just to go to school to waste time.


Unmotivated individuals shouldn't attend this school simply because there's a lot of self motivation involved. I think the same can be said for all colleges though.


A person that isn't really ready for the college transition and undecided on what they want to do should not attend this school. The reason for this is because Davenport allows for the specialization of career fields to be started in undergraduate years. Furthermore a person that does not want to learn or work hard to earn an educational degree should not try to go to Davenport. Only those that are enthusiastic to learn and develop beneficial career skills should strive to attend Davenoport. Otherwise, i believe it is a good school and highly regarded for academic excellence.


Anyone should consider Davenport University for continuing education. In-seat and online classes taught by business professionals. The teachers also know the material and how it applies to the real world.


School is for everyone wants to further their career. Davenport is a college that shows studetns that they care. A person who may not be able to handle the work load or may not be able to further their career due financial or personal problems, I think eceryone can obtain and achieve a goal through school, although school may not be for everyone


Someone who does not plan on putting forth the effort to get an education and participate in the class. If they rarely attend class, and rely on other students to complete group projects without them, they should not waste their time or other students time by attending.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that isn't serious about their education. While this may not be the most difficult school, there is a lot of work and a lot expected of you as a student.


As far as kinds of people go, Davenport University is a great place for all sorts of people. The only limiting factor is the small number of programs offered compared to most other universities, but as long as the program you want is available at Davenport, you will be welcome there.


People who should not attend Davenport are those who are not interested in or focused on academics. Those who are looking for the "big/state university" experience would not enjoy being at Davenport due to its small size. Also, since Davenport is focused on the areas of technology, business, and health, those looking to major in an area other than these three would not want to attend.




I think anyone could attend Davenport. The staff and instructors are all super friendly, and the classes are moderately challenging. The workload is somewhat heavy, however. In contrast, the work is not hard, there is just a lot of it.


A person that should not attend this school is someone that has poor study habits. The person who can't stand someone telling them what to do and how to do it. A person that has a bad attitude in general. A known cheater and a person that can't follow instructions.


A binge party person. A non-focused person.


A person that is not wholeheartedly committed to their education should not attend this school . A person that is not respectful of other views and opinions should not atten Davenport.


Any person going to college to experience the perty era in their life should not attend Davenport University. Davenport do have fun and interesting attendees but their focus is on their education. Once all homework is completed then they can part.


If there are students out there who are not committed to doing well and trying to make a better life for themseleves should not attend this University. There is a lot of focus on doing well and attending classes. If you tend to lose focus and not really care about your education this would not be the school for you.


This school has in the past been geared towards working adults. They have very good programs in place to help those of us that work full time. These programs make is possible to juggle work and school without having to take forever to finish your degree. The younger population of the school is growing along with the programs offered for these younger students. It seems like a fun and helpful learning environment for students just out of highschool. There is a great education program availabe, but small classes so you don't feel like just a number.


The person that should not attend school, are those that are not willing to learn,


A person whom lacks focus and is not ready to fully commit to their education, should not attend this school. Nor should a person that is looking for a "party" school should attend Davenport University.


A person that is very career oriened and wants to focus on their major including business, technology or health.


Davenport is a business, health, and technology college. An "artsy" person should not attend this college. DU is very researched based, very technical. There is very, very little abstract art stuff going on.


A person that is totally into art and such, because Davenport is a school that focuses on Business, Health, and Technology. Also it's probably not the right place for a student that is looking for the large campus type of schooling with parties, Greek Life and such.