Daytona State College Top Questions

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Datona State College is a friendly, educational enviorment. During the registration process, I had to visit several offices, ie. Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Advisor, and never did I wait more that 15 minutes to be seen at each of those offices. The staff is helpful and cheerful. I was able to get all my questions answered. In comparison to other colleges that I have had to do the same process with, this school has truely been the best.


DSC is amazing. they are always ready to answer any question with a smile. People actually take the time to stop and help each other.The sizes of the classes are small enough that you don't feel lost in the crowd. When I was younger I went to a much larger collage and I got lost in the crowd. That is why I believe that I didn't succeed the first time. I know that I will suceed at Dayton State College.


Because our school is located in such a close proximity to a racetrack that receives many visitors a year, we are able to interact with many individuals from other states. Although some see the added traffic as a severe disadvantage, others use the increase in diverse populations as a means of developing contacts in other locations. As students, we can use these opportunities to find work when the school?s resources are ineffective.


I attend the Palm Coast Campus of Daytona State College, formerly known as Daytona Beach Community School. The area consists of only two buildings. I appreciate the atmosphere of personal attention from faculty and fellow students. The campus setting presents a calming effect with its trees throughout the landscaping and the few ponds that provide the peaceful sounds flowing water and cool breezes rustling the plants and flowers around the pond. It's a cozy campus.


What is most unique about Dayona State College is that the instructors are willing to dedicate there time to you in a small classroom setting. The classes offered at DSC are always small. I have never been in a class with more than thirty people,which is about the size of a high school class. Not only do you recieve more individual attention at D.S.C., but there are computer labs available for intermediate math and english classes. This provides some extra help students that are in need.


The thing that makes Daytona State College unique is the fact that it IS near the beach. Most of the schools I considered where in the suburbs or in the middle of a city with no ocean nearby.


There are smaller classes so you get more direct teaching. The price is less than "comparable" schools but you learn the same things.


it has more local students that seek an even higher education