Daytona State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school (keep in mind I attend the Deland campus ONLY) is the parking.


I think the worst thing was them changing to a State college now. I think this because they have to cut other opportunities from other programs so that they can take over new programs that other schools had. Now that they have made thiis adjustment they have become more expensive and still don't give the opportunities they promised.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no cafeteria to eat breakfast or lunch, only a small student lounge with a couple microwaves and vending machines.


The worst thing at my school is overpopulation. Classroom sizes are growing and classrooms are not getting any bigger. Every morning, parking is a real problem due to overpopulation. Some days it takes me an extra forty five minutes to find a parking spot, which in turn causes me to be late for class because I live a half hour away from campus. If classrooms were a bit bigger and there were more parking spaces, then my school would be great.


The parking arrangements at the school are the worst things there. I saw this because the parking around the main buildings that everyone has classes in the parking is very limited so a lot the students have to park on the other side of campus and walk all around to get to there class.


The campus closer to where I live uses Florida Online for the majority of their courses so there is little to no face time with the professor.


I would consider the professors to be the worst thing about my school. I think that the professors are the worst thing at my school because they are usually too analytical or too overbearing, always willing and ready to hand out the next assignment to each student. I always try to advise the instructors that what we have already learned in class is quite enough and they should let it marinate.


The parking. There is never a place to park you really have to get to class extremly early to get a parking spot and even then you are not guarnteed one.


Trying to get my financial aid situated, but overall I am satisfied with my Campus.


The water fountains taste strongly of chlorine at times.


Although most students would not consider college courses being too easy a strike against their school I do. I love attending college not only because it is another chapter in my life, but because it can challenge me both in life and academically. On my journey through college I have learned so much, but I feel I could have grown even more if the classes required a little more effort. Maybe I am crazy for wanting harder courses, but I believe the only way a person can grow is through challenging their beliefs!


The worst thing about my school is the Financial Aid Department, and some of the employees that work there. All of us who have to go into the financial aid office are holding our breath that financial aid can be received, or that we can get SOME type of assistance, yet the staff in that office (some of them) are very rude, and have a tendency to make us students feel really bad. Whatever happened to smiling in the students face, and praising them for making good decisions such as going to college?


The worst thing is the library. It is old and dank, and feels as if it is about to crumble down. Also, there are not many areas for students to study in. Most are off-limits to that sort of activity.


Unfortunately, our school has a deficit in parking areas. The first couple weeks of school are actually the worst. It is extremely hard to find a parking area, which in turn makes you late for classes.


The worst thing about my school is the administrative staff. The people working in the offices are not friendly and not very helpful. This goes for just about every office; from the financial aid office to the academic support centers. I understand that these workers must have a demanding job, especially dealing with multiple students a day. However, if they do not like their jobs, then they should do something about it. That is why I am in school -- to enjoy what I do and have a great attitude doing it.