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What are your classes like?

My classes are a lot of fun, and very interactive since I'm a theatre major. As a freshman, students at Dean will take gen eds, but also classes geared towards their major. As you progress through the years, your classes will become 100% about your major (so now I only take theatre classes). My professors really want me to achieve my goals and see my succeed, so classes are always fun because I'm learning what I want to learn, but it doesn't feel like learning at all. Dean classes teach students how to work hard and manage their time, which are assets to an adult that are absolutely necessary for the real world after college.

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My classes had about 15 students in them. I graduated Dean in 2010, and decided to come back for two more years for my bachelor degree. The desks are not to comfortable, but you get used to it. The teacher stands at the white board and writes as much notes as possible. A lot of teachers use the projector for note taking and movies.

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