Dean College Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


Luckily, when you step off the Dean College campus, you're right in downtown Franklin, which is a really cute, small community. There are cute boutiques, coffee places, and we're also a 5 minute walk from the commuter rail, which takes us right into Boston. There are also parks are really pretty places to go if you feel like taking a walk or going for a run on a nice day.


Once off campus, the town of Franklin is quiet and cute. It has a plethora of cute shows and boutiques as well as as restaurants and quick stop places. The perfect town for a college student, just a mile and a half from Stop and Shop, and plenty of safe lighting.


Soon as a student gets off of campus, they are able to see what Franklin is all about. Franklin is mostly neighborhood's with mini shops everywhere. There is Chinese food and Italian food available right off of campus as well.