Delaware County Community College Top Questions

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What makes my school unique is the diversity it offers. It has a rich cultural background and is opening to people of all backgrounds, races, age, gender, and orientation. No one will ever feel as though they are alone or don't fit in because they are different. The most important part about this diversity is that it is celebrated, no one feels judged for being different. We don't box people into stero types, instead we embrace what makes us different.


The staff of Delaware County Community College really care about the student body. They created smaller portioned classes so the teacher to student ratio would be fair enough for everyone to understand and know their professor. The tuition is not as expensive as other institutions.


Delaware County Community College offers its students tranfer programs that coordinate to certain professions which allows them to focus on their career goal. Overall, this helped me save a lot money on basic classes the first year of my freshmen year.


I like that my school is about 15 minutes away from my house. I attend the west grove campus of the DCCC. It's so important to me that schools have different campuses because I feel it enables students to get an education. Not everyone has the ability to drive to a further campus. It's also unique because it has smaller class sizes, which allows a little more flexibility for professors to help students.