Delaware State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known to be more organized and to keep track of the classes I have taken. I definitely recommend always having your major's curriculum sheet on you to be sure your on track. Do you own research, as well, so you are able to stay on top of your forward progression.


Before I came to Delaware State University I wish I had known more about the curriculum offered.


I wish i had known that Dover was very dull before i came to this school. Dover there is not much to do as an teen , i was searching for thing to do and the closest outing was in Philadelphia. I also wish i known that i will have to be walk on a highway to get places and that i would have to wait 20 minutes just for a light to change. I wish i would had known that when it rain the whole campus be flooded not too happy when i just brought a new pair of shoes.


I wish I knew about the housing on campus it was an horrible experience my first year. It was hot in the dorm all year around some days i could not tolerate the conditions i was living in.


I wish i had known that Delaware state although it is a greast institution provides hardely any money for stundents attending unless you are of a certain major.


I wish I would have known how unorganized and slow they run things when it comes down to paper work and dealing with student ordeals.


Before I applied to or even considered Delaware State University I heard from numerous individuals that it was a party school. I didnt not believe them but when I actually got on campus and saw things for myself, I realized that people were telling the truth. I wish I would have known more about the social life and how things worked on this campus. I walked into the college scene not prepared for half of the things that I have experienced while at Delaware State University.


i wish i had known about the social life and the rate of retention and graduation before i attendend.


Nothing impariticular. I was aware of what would come of the school.


I wish I would have known more about the state before I came to this school. It is very rural and very slow paced.


Before coming to school, I wish i would have known just how different it is from high school. No one is there to hold your hand. Mom and dad no longer attend parent teacher conferences on your behalf, you have to fend for yourself. Even though it is a challenge for most, it is only but a taste of being in the real world. Self motivation is a nessacery value one must have as professors often have no time to baby a student.


I wish i knew what i wanted to do with my life i am expected to know what i want to do when i am not sure. I also wish I knew that they dont pair 1st year students up w/mentor for the next twoyears. I also wish i knew that this school dont distrubute extra financial assistance to students of low income families. To earn scholarship i need to make the grade im busy working a job to pay for school its extremely hard,when coming from a household w/ badcredit getting a loan is not an option


One thing I wish I knew before I came to this school was that they offered scholarships for incoming transfer students. I transferred here from Long island University in Brooklyn New York and it was entirly to expensive. I have so many student loans and a parent plus loan that is just to much for me and my mother. by the time I realized they had scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students the deadline was up.


One thing that i wish i knew before i came to Delaware State is that how easily it is to make new friends. During my first week of school, i have made over 100 plus friends and im constantly making more. Everybody is friendly, the teachers are nice and really seem to care about us.


I wish i knew we had to get dressed up every thursdays for freshman forums.


I wish i would have known that it would get harder with my financial problems


Before coming to college I wish I had been more financially prepared. Not always is the ?right opportunity? passed our way. Some have to work for it through countless hours typing essays extracting every vivid detail of one?s community service and past achievements. While others are naturally gifted with athletic abilities or genius-like smarts which out them in the running for any scholarship out there.


I wish that I had known before coming to this campus that time management is very important in order to be academically successful in school. For example, during the week days there are a lot of activities going on campus. In order to balance extracurricular activities and school work, it may be necessary not to attend an activity or event in order to study for a test or homework.




Before coming to DSU I wish I would have known how important time management is. I always heard of college students complaining about not having enough time but never really understood until I stepped foot at DSU. Between classes, work, and clubs and organizations time is of the essence. I have learned that there is more than enough time in the day to get what needs to be done, done. It is a matter of sitting down and creating a schedule that fits your needs.


I wish I had known the financial state of the school therefore I would have known that everything that I do in regards to the school, I would have to pay for, i.e. printing in the library, doing a load of laundry.


[ f.y.i on a lot of the questions i meant to put strongly agree & everything...not the bad stuff. LOL] I wish I knew I didn't have to bring so many clothes, how to manage my time better, and that it's not like high school.


I like my college, and feel that I had proper knowledge before choosing to attend Delaware State University.


Before i came to this institution i wish that as a highschool student i would have been thoroughly taught the importance of scholarships and the process of acquiring them and any other resources able to acquire for funding a higher education. I feel that i would have began to look at highschool in a different light.


I wish I had known exactly what I wanted to major in. I also wish I knew that if I got a job on campus, I'd have to deal with the school commiting illegal actions towards me.


I wish I had known that there would be nothing to do o nthe weekends. The area is very boring and does not allow college students to enjoy there experience.


How lame it can be on the weekends.


I wish that I knew all my classes were not offered every semester. I could have planned for better to graduate earlier.


i wish i had know all the ways to get more money for college cause i never thought i would have to sit out a semester and work to try to raise money to go back to school