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A large amount of hands-on activities and experience within their field(s) of study for undergraduate students starting as a freshman.


The faculty at Delaware Valley College are dedicated to your success; teachers often give their cell phone numbers to students and a few have been known to text you and make sure you go to class! Delaware Valley College is also a big advocate of hands-on learning and students are required to work in their respective fields before graduating.


We have small classes with an 18:1 ratio, students to teacher and we have a great hands on program throughout all study programs.


We were the National Farm School; we are very agricultural based but also a liberal arts school as well. Our class sizes are small and labs are even smaller, you get right in with the animals your first semester of classes.


The unique part of Delaware Valley College is that you are able to get more one on one help with your professors. They are very friendly and are always there to help you at any time. Since it is not a large university, you have a more personal connection with your professors. They actually know your name as opposed to you just being a number in a class size of 300 plus students.


Delaware Valley College is very hands on. The professors are very approachable and are here to help! Our barns and Ag facilities are here on campus, making them easily available for classes and work. The classes here are smaller sized allowing for a lot of attention from the professors and makeing it easier for the professors to shape the class around the student's needs.


It's a smaller school that is very agriculturally driven, but over the past four years has, in my opinion, lost touch with its roots as an agricultural/science based school. The community around DVC are very supportive and DVC tries to give back to not only the community, but to other organizations statewide with fundraising and charity events.


It's on a farm and almost every major has to do with animals.


It is unique because it offers small classes with low student to teacher ratios. There was a lot of hands-on learning that really helps students to understand what their learning. There was also a variety of classes to take to help and tailor the program to fit individual needs. Even though it was a small school there was something always going on on campus and there was a lot of diversity amongst the students.


The most unique thing about my school is the fact that it is so small and everybody knows you by name.


There're more diverse and specialized majors at Delaware Valley College designed to prepare for the exact field you wish to work in. You also don't have to select your major right away, though if you wish to be in a major that has a limit such as Zoo Science it is better to get in and transfer out because you cannot transfer in regardless of what the teachers may tell you. Also the area around the school is diverse; there are urban and suburban locations very close to school with more rural settings only a little further away.


The school is small and agriculture and science based, which allows students in those majors a lot of hands-on experience. The professors are very educated in their field and know you by your first name. No class is over 70-80 students. The campus is in a nice, safe community with a very rich culture. There are farms on the campus that give students the opportunity to work in jobs closely related to their field of interest. A very beautiful campus.


Del Val is a small and individualized college. Not only does the campus feel like a small community, but you feel very safe and secure there. Everyone is extremely friendly and there is always something to do if you are looking to have fun.