Delaware Valley University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend Delaware Valley College, is the type of person that is passionate. If you are passionate about your major, you will thrive in the classroom and out of the classroom. Being passionate isn’t just know about your major, but breathing and being your major. Delaware Valley College takes that passion and multiplies it with all the resources and opportunities they have for you as a student. This is the place to be to get a one of a kind education.




The type of person that should attend Delaware Valley College is one that has an interest in the environment, animals, or the sciences. It is a great school for people interested in these areas of studies since it is known for its small school status. Since the campus sits on 500 acres of land, it is a great place for someone who is interetsed in nature and doesn't like the noise of the city.


someone who loves animals and in the farming industry , but they need to have money


Any person may attend Delaware Valley College. The faculty, staff, and students are all very welcoming. No one is singled out or turned away because of their ethnicity. Anyone especially interested in agriculture would do well at this school as it requires 500 hours of hands on experience in one's field of study.


As an agricultural/ science-based school, Delaware Valley College offers many different varieties of majors. Anybody interested in animal sciences, conservation, horticulture, agriculture, food science, or environmental sciences should attend this school. It is a very "green" campus as well, so anybody who enjoys keeping the world a clean place would love this school.


Someone who has academic drive and doesn't easily falter under pressure.


Those that have business, computer, agriculture or science based interests. should attend this school. The students and faculty are very nice, and you will get the most out of your education if you are in a field that many of the professors here are.


those whos intrests are focused on agriculture or animals this is a good choice in schools. This school also is known for it's small class sizes allowing the teachers to really get to know the students.


The kind of person that goes to other colleges or places during the weekends, and can follow tight eating schedules.


Someone who likes a small rural setting and wants to know nearly everyone on campus. They should also be open to the different lifestyles of the students that live here and want to be a positive part of the Del Val community.


agriculture based majors, animal science, pre-vet, pre-law, conservation majors, animal training