Delaware Valley University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I researched Delaware Valley College out a lot when I was searching for colleges to apply too. Delaware Valley College doesn’t try to hide anything, they give you their information up front and help you understand everything that they are and what they have in store for you. So there is nothing I would have wanted to know more.


I wish that I had known that there were not any art classes. It was probably my own oversight, but I did not think to look. I love doing art, and I was hoping for a ceramics class or some class as a break from my others in the day. The school does have a lot of arts and activities nights though, which really make up for it otherwise.


When I had to take Math Placement exams, I wish I knew the type of math that would be on the exam. The exam covered eight grade Algerbra. I wish I had known what I wanted to major in. Finally, how important it is as a commuter to schedule your classes in order to save money and time.


I wish I had known that sports were a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} commitment to that sport year round, that the food here is not good, and that freshman assigned roommates could be a disaster.


I wish I would have known how expensive everything is when you go to college. I wish i would have saved my money instead of spending it on silly things so that I could have done more with clubs/organizations trips. In college there are a lot of opportunities to have amazing experiences and go places I never would have thought about going. I wish i would have saved my money so i could have participated in more.


how much it would cost me


I wish i had known that the school would not try to help anybody on the football team. I also wish that they had told me that they would not be able to give me alot of money for the school.


I was well informed before I attended


I wish I had known that college would not have been such a scary thing like I thought it was going to be. Everyone makes friends and the classes aren't too bad, so it really has been a good experience for me.


The cost


Delaware Valley College is primarily an agriculture school. It's pretty small but you can find your niche easily. Freshman housing is designed to allow the students to interact and get to know each other with the doors open where as the upperclassman dorms are a little more exclusive, the doors are usually closed. Depending on your major the courses may be very easy or extremely difficult but the faculty evaluates what you want to do compared to the type of student you are. They help set you on a path that will be helpful and maintainable for your future.


I wish I knew just how hard the courses would be and that the Conservation Program was the small size that it is.




There is nothing really I wish I had known before coming to Delaware Valley. Before you come you are supposed to find out what you like about each school. I feel like I had made the perfect choice on coming to DelVal. If I had to choose, I wouldnt wish for anything before coming, but now that I am here the school is always looking for advice on what they could improve. Students had told the president about making a difference on meal plans and the flex dollars which they are doing.


I wish I had known that the campus is not as active as I thought. I also wish I had been more aware of the reauirements of my major.


I wish I had known that because of the barns on campus, it would always smell like some sort of animal or their waste. The ginko trees on campus add to this smell when they lose their leaves in the fall. I also wish I had known all of the history and traditions before I came, to make it easier to become a part of them.


How much it would really cost


I cannot think of anything that I know now that I would liked to have known before I came to DelVal that would have affected me any differently.


How much harder college would be compared to high school and how much more effort it would take to make the grade.