Delta State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the educational program would be the best, because this school pushes you to your limit with great teachers to teach you. You'll learn the moral of hardwork and dedication if anyone comes to this school.


The best thing about Delta State University is the superior education that is available to anyone who seriously wants to pursue it. The opportunities are there: curriculum, professors who go beyond the call of duty, small classes, resources, etc. This may be a small university compared to some, but it is big in what it has to offer to the future of the students who want to achieve their dreams and enter the world as a force. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a student at Delta State University.


The best thing about my school is it's academics. The professors are very kind and are actually about your future, unlike how most high school teachers say they are. Last semester was my first and I can already see a difference. Not only was able to express my adulthood, but I also showed how much I had gained during that time. The professors make sure they teach you everything they know, but they do it in an order that you aon't be overwhelmed.


close to home and great, safe atmosphere


The best thing about my school is the quality of the education. There are so many resources available to assist students in getting a good education. Also, the classes are small so we students can get that one-on-one attention.


My friends are the best things about my school, they help me through boy problems to helping me study or helping me get through anything life brings at me!~


The best thing about my school were the varsity sports. Just about all of the sports at Delta State were very successful and extremely entertaining to watch.


The best thing about Delta State is the community, both on and off campus. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. It has the small-town atmosphere that makes you feel at home.


Going to school here at Delta State has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. The school is a small community in itself, and it's in a small town. Cleveland is a great place to raise a family and start a career. The school doesn't have much money, but the money they do have goes straight to the students and the buildings' improvement.


I love attending Delta State. The best thing I would about my school was and still is my classmates and my teachers. We were like a family and I would never forget about my college experiences.


There aren't too many people here. Everyone is nice.