DePaul University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly, outgoing, and helpful individuals who are there to learn.


The students body is generally quite diverse, with people from all ethnic backgrounds. No one would really feel out of place at DePaul, but then again, there isn't much of a community to being with. Students typically dress casual to class, although there is a sizable number of students who dress to the nines. The notion of "diversity" gets thrown around more than a football at Soldier Field, but it amounts to mostly the following: ethnic minorities and women are good, white men are bad, Asians we're still not sure about, and Jews could be either or.




Most of my classmates are very friendly.


When I observe the demographics of a typical DePaul classroom, I usually see a middleclass crowd?consisting of mostly females, but still some men too?of differing backgrounds who tend to be liberal, unique, attentive, pleasant, approachable, ethical, and almost always intelligent!


Dedicated and sure about what they want in life.


Classmates are very nice and helpful. I usually had classes with friends. But all students are friendly. You will work with a lot of groups and you get to know more people which make your college experience better. You get information about professors or classes.


Excellent - I know, trite.


My classmates are unique and really care about their future


A mix of all races, about half caucasian, with a mostly liberal attitude. This diversity creates interesting class discussions from many different and unique viewpoints.


everyine is frinedly and very smart, yet the majority are not stuck up and i have found that most are willing to help each other


Many of the students at DePaul are not academic-orientated. Because we are in the heart of Chicago, it is easy to look at the successful people (of Lincoln Park and downtown, where the campuses are located) and want to be in their shoes right away, so many of the students do not care much for their classes. Over all, the lack of academic fortitude is frusterating at times, but there are some students who genuinely care about their grades and research.




My classmates are reserved and varies.


My classmates are intelligent and creative individuals who, even if I do not agree with them, I always enjoy thier opinions and perspectives on issues.


Most are friendly, helpful, involved, creative, and interesting.


Most people at my school are very friendly, interesting, and easy to work with.


My classmates are overall very liberal people and are very open to the fact that they voted for Obama. They generally dress very well, very stylish and very designer. Some of the guys dress so well I wouldn't be surprised if they were mistaken as gay. Some girls are a tad judgmental of other girls, but only because they are clearly jealous.


Classmates at DePaul University come from a diverse background, contribute eye-opening perspectives, and are united by the same drive and passion to make a difference in the world through their individual gifts.


If you are an incoming freshman I would say that your classmate would be very nice and engaging. However if you are a transfer student it might be a bit difficult to have any kind of friendship.


My classmates are a melting pot of different races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and personality types.


My friends are compassionate, motivating, leaders, incpirational, challengers, and competitors.


DePaul classmates are friendly and sometimes helpful.


They are very diverse and bring many different beliefs to the table.


Suburban mentality, in general.


Very cool


Normal friendly helpful adults


Helpful and smart people working towards like goals.


Very serious and friendly.


Career-driven middle class kids.


I would consider my class mates as diverse, ethnically and by their motivational levels, I notice how some students will go above and beyond while others just seem to settle.


While I don't tend to encounter as many diverse races as our schools boasts about enrolling, I do find that my classmates come from all over the country and from very different backgrounds and childhoods.


Hardworking intellectual people with strong morals and values.


My classmates are unique in their own way, their fun, exciting, love to learn new things but; sometimes they can get very judge mental often criticizing others for ones outlook on life and they can be very clique oriented, not wanting to learn and get to know others outside their circle.


If you can make it through four years at DePaul without hearing the word "diversity" more than 10,000 times you deserve a medal. DPU undoubtedly has a diverse student population (using an affermative action admittance procedure) and they even have a lot of good resources for students from all different backgrounds, but they also LOVE to talk about how diverse they are. A few years back they won "most diverse school in the nation" and they haven't stopped talking about it yet. Yes, we're diverse... and yes, we'd love to tell you about it. Oh, and by the way... DePaul is a Catholic school. Named for St. Vincent DePaul, a French priest from the 16th or 17th century. If you're not Catholic though, no worries... if you just want to be secular we're cool with that too, or Jewish or Muslim or whatever. DePaul doesn't have any required church services and even though you do have to take a religion course, you could take "The Jewish Experience" or "Islamic History." For being Catholic, they're also pretty left... a lot of LGBT resources and courses... we even hosted a big national LBGT conference a few years back. No nuns walking around, though the univesity president is a Priest and there's a fair amount of St. Vincent DePaul pictures or statues on the campus grounds. A lot of DePaul students are from the Chicago suburbs and some of those suburbanities commute. Hardly anyone lives in the dorms after sophomore year (most students are out after Freshman year) and then you find an apartment in the immediate campus area. You'll find a lot (but not all) of kids from wealthy families at DePaul and many student dress in more than sweats for class... especially if you're a commerce student, they you best be lookin' classy.


I don't think any student would feel out of place at DePaul, unless you are super shy and/or don't find any club or extracurricular activity at all. If you are that kid, you are going to find yourself super lonely even in such a huge city. I know a lot of kids that hate depaul but they make no effort to reach out to people around them. There are a ton of international students at depaul, and they are always interesting and dedicated students. The financial background that is most prevalent probably is a normal income level, but the kids with the highest parental income level are so rampant, that it probably seems like they dominate the school. The students on campus are predominantly in the left, politically speaking.


I feel different types of students interact. Most students are from around the area. and yes - students talk about how much they'll earn one day. That is many students' reason for going to DePaul.


DePaul is open to EVERYONE. I find that there is not stereotyping among the students and that many different people are able to come together because of the safe environment DePaul provides.


DePaul students are mostly very politically aware or active. Most are Democrats but there is also a club with many members called DePaul Conservative Alliance and DePaul Republicans. Also, the student body is very social. If you are going to go to college and sit in your dorm room between classes, DePaul is not the place for you. Also, if you are a roll out of bed and throw on the same clothes you have been wearing for a week kind of person steer clear of DePaul. Generally the students look nice when they go to class though not everyone. When you walk through the cafeteria there is normally the sorority and fraternity tables where those people sit together, the athlete table where the basketball players sit together, and the theater student table. Of course there are other people as well but theres are the groups that always seem to be in the student center.


DePaul is such a diverse community in regards to races, religions, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. I have felt such a positive, genuine welcoming attitude from people of every background at DePaul. I have a hard time believing that any particular type of student would feel out of place at DePaul because the community is so diverse and so welcoming. Most students dress casually for class, choosing comfortable jeans and T-shirts or pajamas over high-end fashion items. Differnt types of students interact every day in every class and all over campus. Most DePaul students are from the suburbs of Chicago, but there are many from all over the United States and the world as well. DePaul students are very politically aware and active. I would say that a majority of students at DePaul who are politically active are more Democratic than Republican. The large number of political and activist clubs at DePaul surprised me at first, but I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about different issues and to act in support of or defiance of various political issues. I haven't heard many students talking about how much they will earn one day. I think money does lie at the back of everyone's mind, but for the most part, I would say that DePaul students are in their major fields and have chosen career paths based on passion and motivation rather than on money.


Rich kids are most prevalent!!!! It's so annoying! Students are very politically aware/active. Most are left and liberal.


DePaul's student body consists mainly of either suburban kids who wanted to go to school in the city, or kids from all over the United States who are homesick and just wanna go back to something familiar like their home state school. Very students try to actually experience the city of Chicago for themselves, and instead they tend to stay sheltered inside the DePaul "college town." This is the most disappointing thing about the DePaul student body.


If "retardedfuckdumbshitstupidassridiculouslyundereducatedunintellectualuselesscunt" was a word, it would be the one that would be closest to my one-word description of the student body. Yes, I have friends and acquaintances here, but for the most part I have no respect for the acquaintances. Not everyone's just "some rich kid" if that's what you're worried about. Everyone seems to be democratic even though they don't know what it is (barely any follow politics), so end up more socialist than anything else. Most students from the Midwest area... have no ambition, dress like bums, act like idiots, and have no goals or value for education. The girls are Extremely hot.. nad there are Many of them. Of course, they're all complete Bimbo retards.


The student body here is so diverse! We have all types of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, to race, religion. We were ranked the number one school for the most diverse student body in 2007. When you walk around campus, you see tons of different races and religions interacting with each other. We do have gay/lesibans here but they are accepted as well. Everyone interacts and gets along with each other. The students come from all 50 states but the majority of students here are from the suburbs but it is getting a lot more common to find people from differen regions other than the midwest. You will see student here walking around with Louis Vuitton bags to students walking around with bags from Target, it is very diverse in every way.


I meet all types of people. It's good.


DePaul is diverse, yes. So far I have yet to find a problem with any racial, religious, or socio-economic issues with anyone. All the students I have met are hard working and dedicated to their education. Everyone wants a great job.


The DePaul student body is incredibly diverse according to any definitions of the word. You've got girls carrying full price Chanel bags to class and guys who work two jobs in order to pay their tuition bill on time. Students come from every state but there is definitely a higher concentration of Midwest kids looking to get to the nearest hub of legitimate cultural and urban brilliance. We are a vocally left leaning campus, especially given the fiasco of the last few years, but there are notable exceptions. The same few students make up all of the conservative groups on campus and they are great at PR. Last week the girls wore aprons in the Student Center and threatened to Take Back the Kitchen. Don't let that scare you off, though. Our liberals are just as good at publicity. Every spring the LGBT group on campus, Spectrum, has its pride week and it often involves a drag performance or three. It's by far my favorite week on campus! While we have a reputation as a suitcase or commuter school, that's changing more every year and I've never felt that it was true anyway. If you look at our numbers, we are largely a commuter school but that counts anyone who does not live in DePaul residence halls. I live across the street from the Student Center (the hub of any hungry student's social life) and I am technically a commuter student. Don't believe the hype! We're a pretty left-leaning campus but we'll listen to anything you have to say. The College Republicans have a table in the Student Center promoting something almost every week. We have almost 200 student organizations on campus and on the off chance you don't find something you're looking for, just grab a few other students and a faculty sponsor and DePaul will give you start up money and legitimize your group. DePaul housing is pretty much the domain of Freshmen and a few left over Sophomores - it's not required or guaranteed - but it's by far better than my friends' dorms at other schools. There is always something going on that is free for students or so cheap it might as well be free for students. Last week Nick Swardson was here: $7 for students, $20 for the public. Since I've been here the DePaul Activities Board has brought in Dr. Drew, Dane Cook, and Louis Black. At the end of every year, the same group puts on Fest i.e. the biggest party weekend at DePaul. It's our version of Welcome Week alcohol wise if you will. The shows are for DePaul students only and cost $5 to $7 depending on the year and who is playing. There are three acts plus whoever won the DePaul Battle of the Bands. Past artists include (but are certainly not limited to): The Roots, Nas, Kill Hannah, Motion City Soundtrack, Jason Mraz, The Starting Line, Twista and that's only since I've been at DePaul (I can't even remember all of who has been here).


Students are usually very accepting of the diversity on the campus, but the different racial/religious/and other groups are usually naturally segregated. Students that are quiet or shy would feel out of place at DePaul since success here is geared towards those who take the chance or the initiative to improve. There are a lot of very trendy students at DePaul, but also many that will wear a sweater and jeans to class. The students on campus seem to be mostly liberal and are very aware of the current politics.


students are cool. a lot of nice people. chicago is a great melting pot of people from all over, especially the midwest...


We say we're diverse, and I guess in a way we are. But it seems very self-segregated. Most are liberal, but there is a strong conservative alliance for sure.