Diablo Valley College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


my school is full of hard working, spirited students, which reflects how the over all campus is like.


Diablo Valley college is a school where you take your first step into the future, this school provides many doors for you to explore as well as many friends. This school not only gives you an opportunity to succeed in your own personal goals, it also helps you to become a better person. Not only do the students who attend Diablo Valley College are inspired to learn the teachers at Diablo Valley College are very helpful and want to see you succeed from having tutoring centers and teacher office hours if you need one on one help.


Diablo Valley College has a very friendly environment also in a nice area.

A big community of diverse students who wish to succeed !


Diablo Valley College is a junior college with teachers that want to help you succede and move on to a four year college.


My school is best described as top quality; quality instructors, quality courses; quality students.


Diablo Valley College is definitely one of the better community colleges in the West coast because it not only provides a welcoming enviornment but it also has some of the best teachers out there.


DVC gives a person the opportunity to discover their higher purpose at the most affordable price in the country.


The school is highly diverse with a common understanding of others. people are always polite and it makes for quite a wonderful experience.