Diablo Valley College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Currently there is a lot of construction, I think a lot of the problems will be solved when that is over.


The only downside to DVC is the impacted classes.


I do that when students group together to complain about a teacher, the school should listen. They should take into concideration what the students say about teachers because they are the ones who have to deal with the teacher for the remaining time of the class.


I really love my school, so it's hard to find something I don't like. I guess the worst thing is that there are large crowds that develop during school events.


I think the worst thing about my school is the lack of student activities and class selection options. Plus, the cut of some academic programs that were very popular due to the budget cut.


I consider the class cuts the worst thing about my school. It is very frustrating knowing you cant take classes you need because they are full by the time you are scheduled to sign up. Education is one of the most important aspect in my life and i feel i am not able to receive the education i deserve.

The parking lot. When it rains, the parking lot tends to look like a huge lake. I believe they are working on this.


I find the worst thing about my school is their textbook buyback program which leaves a student receiving less than half of what they paid their books for. I've personally watched myself lose out on hundreds of dollars because our bookstore will declare my book's worth to be less than what I purchased it for, even though it is in perfectly good condition. With tuition increasing, a situation like this is upsetting and unfair for a college student paying my own way through a part-time job.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with my school. However, there has been a lot of classes that have been dropped due to budget cuts. Because of budget cuts a lot of students are not left with a lot of options on classes and they need to wait for another semester to finish their desired courses. In my case, the fall semester was one of the worst, because we had a lot of freshmens and with very little classes a lot of students were unable to add. The dollar amount per unit is rising, while the amount of classes are dropping.


Because I attend a community college, the mindset of many of my peers are that of highschoolers. They view school as an extention of high school and that they are forced to attend when in reality, it's completely the opposite. If I could change one thing about my college experience, that would be it.


The worst thing about DVC is that parking is a pain in the ass. If you're running late for class, you can always blame the parking lots. On a more serious note, DVC is not that bad, I do wish that they had more classes to choose from. But with the recent economy, they had no choice but to take away some of the more "exciting" classes if you will. Other than that, I have been content attending DVC.


the only thing that could be worked on at my school is the classroom desks need serious updating.


I would consider the lack of concentration by the other students the worst thing about my school. Sometimes the other students talk during class and it wastes the teachers time, and often it is distracting to those of us who wish to take full advantage of each class lesson.


I would say the worst thing about my school is that we do not have a communication studies program, they have a small journalism department, but no other forms of comm. studies departments to help students explore the possibilities of these feilds of studies.