Diablo Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who is assuming that it is easy to get good grades in this colleg just because it is a junior college. Those people probably don't understand the reason why this college is well reputed accross california. It is well reputed because of its acedemics that is ade to challenge students.


anyone and everyone looking to get a college education.


If you want to go to a small liberal arts college, Diablo Valley College is not for you. At Diablo Valley College there are more than 20,000 students. If you want to go to a large University with athletic competition on national television, I would not recommend Diablo Valley College since it is a community college. If you have confidence in yourself that you can get into a Ivy League college, you are likely to find Diablo Valley College too easy. If you want to spend four years in a greek house, sorry, they don't exist on DVC.


I don't think that there isn't any person that shouldn't attend this school. It's an awesome school and the staff are very helpful.


Nobody. Everyone should at least give it a try to see if they can find a career that they can see themselves pursuing for the future. The key is being able to visualive it.


I don't think anyone should be rejected from the opportunity to attend a community college. I do, however, think that those who are attending and are college aged should get first dibs on classes. I have noticed that there are older people who get the first pick because they have been attending the college for a few years, but they are just taking the classes for fun. The whole purpose for community colleges is to give college students cheaper education, so they can transfer and not worry about paying for general classes in the universities.


There is no one that shouldn't attend this school. Any person that whats to attend this school should.


A person who is afraid to ask for help should not attend DVC. There are a multitude of resources for every student no matter your previous education or your future scholastic goals. The students who fall behind are the ones who do not form meaningful relationships with their proffessors, on campus staff members and their fellow students.


This isn't a school for someone that can reach higher with no problems at all. If they know what they want to do, know where they want to go, and are in a good financial standing, then definitely shouldn't pass that opportunity and take their chance. This also isn't a school for someone who gets easily side-tracked, seeing as it is only a few blocks from a shopping mall and surrounded by several eateries. Nothing is more tempting than great hangout places to keep you from wanting to go to class.