Diablo Valley College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I should take the correct classes to help me graduate.


Coming into college, I was ready to work. I was looking forward to being challenged, to learning new things, to becoming a better student, as well as a more metacognitive individual. What I was not prepared for was an environment that weighed so heavily on the self; here, where everyone is so focused on getting in and out, where teachers give out materials and tests without much else, the student is left to inspire herself.


I wish I would have known to take al my basic general education class dont in the first year before starting classes specific to what I wanted to major in. I spend an extra year at Diablo Valley College becuase I failed to knock the basics in the first two years. I wish i would have also known that study group are major key to success. I spent much time studying alone rather than with other students which would have helped me learn the materials better as well as do better in my classes.


I wish I had a more comprehensive list of the shool clubs. It's really hard to find them, and even then we don't have a lot of clubs. I also wish I had heads up about school events, we're always having them and I like planning ahead.


I initially attended Cal State Sacramento for a year. I wish I had gone to DVC first because I would have saved a lot of money. It's a great education for a fraction of the price. I can't remember one teacher that wasn't excited about the class material they were teaching. Some science classes are very compacted though, so if your major requires those courses, start trying to get in right away. Carpool in if you can, parking can be frustrating.


i wish i had known more about where the buildings are. The campus is big and it is very easy to get lost especially if its your first time attending the College.


I wish I had known Diablo Valley College had the Engineering program it has. I am currently employed full time and the evening classes definitely fit my working schedule. If I had known Diablo Valley offered such great classes in the evening, I would not have miss all those semesters in the past. The college I attended before did not offer a variety of evening classes, causing me to fall back. Even though it is a 45 min drive to my house, it is definitely worth the drive.


I wish I had known my career goals before I came to this school so that I could have better prepared myself in my time at my community college. Although I have figured out my career goals now, with a semester left till I transfer, if I had known them before attending my college, I could have become involved in even more activities pertaining to my goals. I also wish I knew to follow my bliss, as taking classes that I enjoyed led to me discovering my career goals. College is about learning what you want to learn.


On the day of my high school graduation, I wish someone had reminded me that high school is not the finish line. Not only did I fail to reach my true academic potential, I didn't take part in the experience of it all. Attending Community College first is one of the best decisions I have made. I have acquired better study habits, joined clubs, and most importantly, realized the value of a good education. I was recently accepted as a transfer to my dream school - a place I never could have gone right out of high school.


I wish I would have know a little bit more about the schools that are out there. I was only given information about the schools that are in California. After doing some research on schools that are out of state, I became very interested in them and felt like they might be a better fit for me. Although I am happy with the fit, I also wish I wouls have know a little more about the financial aid process and how helpful everyone is.


I wish I had talked to a councelor before planning my future at this school. That way, I could go over the classes I would take to get my out of the community college as quick as possible. Also, I wish I had known about book rentals online. I did not find out about his until very recently. All I can think of now is how much money I could have saved on books.