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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Research, research, and more research. Doing adequate research will allow for a student to find the appropriate college for them. What seems important as a junior in high school, usually isn't the same as a junior in college. Parents need to help students research different colleges, allow for road trips, campus visits, etc. Students need to take the time to look out at different colleges. Determine what degrees are interesting to them and try to find a college that has them all, because as students, we are always changing our minds.


Its definitly about finding the right school to attend. Choose a school that closely fits your sons/daughters needs and go from there. Also, definitly let the person going to a college or university choose their own school. A parent should not choose one for thier child


To Find the right college visit the college. Talk to the students there. Ask the staff questions. The most important thing to succeed in college is to go to class, if you go to class then you have the notes, the professor will test from the notes most of the time and you can get a much better grade., a better job, and have greater opportunites in your chosen field.


don't choose a school for any other reason than you love the school, the learning environment, the social environment and that it is the right place for YOU! not for you friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your parents. this is your experience and you need to make the most of it. most people only get to do this once and hopefully it will only take one trip in undergrad! parents, don't worry about the partying at schools, it will be at every school whether you like it or not. if you have taught your kids well, you shouldn't worry. they will experiment, but i bet they will figure out the right path for themselves. they won't figure it out because someone told them, they need to figure it out themselves. support them in their decision and welcome them back with their laundry when they make it home!!


Finding the right college can be difficult. I think my advice to parents would be to go with your student and let them see and learn more about campuses. Support them in the decisions they make because you want them to be comfortable. To students, visit the campus. Go through Orientation beforehand. Talk to students. All of these things will make a huge difference in your choice. Visiting a campus is important. I knew right away when I saw the campus. You will get a sense that it is where you belong. You begin to feel at home. Go where you feel comfortable, and the longer you are there, the more it will seem like where you are supposed to be!


I believe that people really need to decide what their values are when picking a college. I believe that it is important to visit campuses and pay attention to school prestige, the environment, and the finacial aid the school can offer. Then I would measure what is most important and pick the best out of the choices presented. To maximize the college experience I would advise students to properly mange their time. I believe that if one properly manages their time that they will be able to be successful in school, while being able to have a lot of fun. Proper time management will reduce stress and allow for the best possible college experience.


Before choosing the right college figure out what your major is going to be. After you have chose the major figure out which colleges have the major. After you have the colleges visit the colleges meet with people at each college. Talk to them about what you are looking into about your major and request papers so when you go home you can read them by yourself or with your parents. Think about which college would be the best for your major and which one that would help you out. This is a big step to take to decide which one is the right one. Don't rush into it. If you have to visit the college that you have decided on just to make sure that's the one for you. Then when you have decided start taking the steps to get into the college.


Trying to find the perfect college is not about the overall size, prestige, or class size. The most important aspect of a university is the ability of the student to excel in their academic and post academic life. Each person must evaluate their learning style and then match that to the university. For example, ask yourself are you timid? If so, you might want to look at a small school. I have returned to school for a second bachelor's degree in order to pursue a Ph.D. at the age of 30. I have graduated from an Ivey League school the first time. I have found that a smaller state university has as much to offer in Kentucky than the Ivey League without the cost or pressure. Many factors have been evaluated, and the last look I gave was the prestige and other such surface factors normally promoted. Take the time when you visit to meet with professors, the financial aid department, sit in on a class, and other key departments. The help you get then is EXACTLY what you will get when you become a student there. These are the true factors one must base their decision on.


I would say do research on every college you are thinking about going to. Then I would say do research on the job you would like to do and see if any of the colleges you are trying to pick from offers porgrams for that job.


Let the kids decide. If you make the decisions for them then the student will be miserable and won't do well.


My advice to new students is that they shouldn?t be too concerned with getting as far away from home as possible. Certainly, college is a time to grow up, spread your wings and make the transition to adulthood. However, when selecting your school you need to consider how difficult and expensive it will be to come home for holidays and such. Also, homesickness will happen, trust me. A hundred miles is more than far enough the keep mom and dad out of your ?business?, but it?s a manageable distance to go home when you want to or need to.


Choose what solutions are best for you in the long run, not in the short term.


Look for a college that offers what it is you think you want to do with your life. Narrow down your choices and then looks at tuition and just all around basic costs of things. Look at the size of the campuses, the dorms, read up on the tutoring centers (if offered) and don't be afraid to ask questions.


To Students: Go to a school where you can make a difference. Go to a school with the surrounding community that you would really like to live in or fit in. Classes are important, but college is about so much more than just classes. Go out and experience life! Get INVOLVED! You will learn to be a much more varied person, you will make many friends and some of your BEST friends. To Parent: Let your child have some freedom. Don't expect them to talk to you EVERY day. Let them truly discover themselves and their world. Above all. Accept them. Support them in their decisions. Love them and make it known to them. College can be the best time of one's life. But it is not without its challeges.


Go with your gut feeling and what you are comfortable with as far as deciding. But dont be afraid to take some chances, those risks are usually the ones that are the most prosperous.


It is smart to find a school that the student likes best and the parents/students can afford. Make sure it offers a wide variety of majors if you are undecided or some majors that you are interested in. Make close friends because they will most likly stay with you forever. Don't forget about your high school friends because if you remain friends through college then they are there to stay. Have fun and make college a life long good memory. DON'T PARTY TOO MUCH THAT IT AFFECTS YOUR GRADES :)


My advice would be see what feels like a good environment , friendly people and helpful staff willing to help no matter the situation.


Your college experience depends on one factor--you. You have the power to make it the experience you want it to be. College life is unique in that for most people it is their first taste of independence, thus it is an exciting time when one fully develops and perfects the person they want to be . It is a time of trial and error, of successes and failures. My advice to all those who are about to embark on this blessing is to learn all you can. This learning process occurs not only in the traditional classroom setting where one can be challenged intellectually but in the dorm rooms, the cafeteria, the gym and even the bar. Meet as many different people as you can, try things you've never thought you'd like, study all day, party all night. And most importantly never lose sight of the original goal-- your education, because that it is your most powerful tool for the future.


Take your time and really make the right decision. Look at every aspect of the school and see what it offers you. Beyond that, it goes by so fast, enjoy it and take advantage of each opportunity afforded you!


The advice I would give either parents or students looking for the right college is to think of what you want. If you deman one on one attention look for a small school and not a large classroom settings. Second, Look at the location close to or far away from home. Make sure you are happy at all times.


Choose the college that seems to suit you best. Take the time to go to the college and explore. sit in on a few classes, observe a few professors. Get a feel for the college before you make a decision.


Live on campus, don't be afraid to ask questions, have fun but keep grades as first priority. Be sure not to carry a heavy work load as it will interfere with your studies.


Talk to the workers. They know how it really works.


I would ask the student what they are interested--what career path is most appealing to him or her. Finding a school with a strong department for the prososed field of study is important. I had to change schools to do what I wanted, and I couldn't be happier doing what I want at my new school. Secondly, what kind of campus is the student looking for? Does he or she prefer a small, quiet campus or a large, busy one? If you need to be around lots of diverse, interesting people a small school might not cut it and the student would just get bored with school. And a large school could be scary to someone that would prefer a more laid-back environment. To make the most out of the college experience, I would suggest that the student makes themselves available to potential friends. They shouldn't be afraid to approach people they think they could be friends with. Also, the student needs to remember to do his or her own thing...they should go to campus events they want to go, not ones that the "cool kids" are attending. And never give in to peer pressure.


make sure to visit the college and make sure you really like the school before you go there


Make sure you find the right size school for the student, one where they will not just be a number but an actual person, but big enough so they have many resources available.


I would tell the parents, to let their kids go where they feel the most comfortable. If the student feels comfortable in their learning environment, they are more susceptible to focus on their studies.


Parents and students should consider doing lots of research and visiting each college together before making a decision.


Just go where you want to go, not where your friends go, not where the most people from you high school go. You meet so many more people and you become accustomed to new people once again!


The school name typically won't matter that much - it's the content of what you learn. Co-Op or Inter before you graduate! College teaches you how to learn stuff, take a test, and forget it so you can learn more. Interships and Co-Ops will give you EXPERIENCE! This is what employers will find beneficial. This will put yourself ahead of others. So what if you have a 4.0 with no experience. If you can get a 3.25 but have 1.5 years of on-the-job career experience with great references from previous employers, no one in their right mind will turn you down. Employers know what they are getting when you have experience. Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you know much about the work. All a degree means is that you know how to learn and supposedly know SOMETHING about the field. You will learn more with experience than you ever could learn in a classroom.


Make sure that you know exactly what you need to do inorder to get into the program of your choice. make sure that you have been there and talked to other people that have gone there.


I tell parents and future students to examine the surrounding area in the town the school is in and make sure that the student will be happy living there. One of the biggest things at college is experiencing new things and developing new ideas so try to get involved in things you haven't ever done before. Make some strong relationships with your advisor and go to them with any questions you have. They really do want to help you with any thing you need. Also the biggest thing is have a good time while your here a college but don't let your partying get out of hand. Go to class and learn first, then if there is time left over to party then enjoy it.


There are a lot of aspects to consider when chosing the right college. Some issues to consider are size, location, how close/far from home, and how comfortable you feel. Choosing the right college can contribute to making the most of the college experience, but it is also up to you to make the most of it. You need to get involved. Join clubs, play sports (even if you are bad at them!), introduce yourself to people, rather than waiting for them to introduce themselves, because you are all in the same situation! When you feel homesick, do not take the easy way out and go home. You need to stick it out and know that it WILL get better. Meet as many people as possible, take risks, study, laugh too much, take too many pictures, be yourself and have fun because you only live once!


Make sure that the college that you are applying for is accredited to the major that you are seeking. If the college is known for the particular major that you are wanting to get, then by all means go with that school. Also, look at the graduation rate, and especially look at the rate of students going on to graduate school, especially in a field that you wish to pursue. If the number isn't high, then keep looking around. Also when looking for colleges, also look at the social aspects of the campus. If nothing happens on the weekends, and people just study all the time during the week, thats great for getting a degree, but not for building a social network that will come in handy later on. If a student isn't being sociable, then that student is missing out on half of the college experience.


Apply to as many schools as possible. Always make sure you interview BOTH professors AND students to ensure you get a fair picture of what your program will be like. Remember to consider your long term career goals and go to the school which best fits these goals. Do not pick a school based soley on fincancial aid.


I think you should choose a school thats right for you! Don't worry about if it's close to your home if you want to go there then thats where you go, some students let their parents convince them that a school is right for them because it is close to home but that is what college is about to get out into the real world and do things on your own. if you want to be a tutor at your school then do that if you want to play sports go for it, if you just want to go to school and live your life then do that just make sure it makes you happy cause in the end thats what matters the most.


Its a great school. they try to keep costs low. It have a variety of degree options.


I would make sure to tell students and parents to go on college visits first before setting your heart on a school. I would also research the school and how the people really are. There is a culture difference from my home state and the state of Kentucky and it threw me off a lot and affected my grades and social life a lot. I would also tell them to apply to more schools than just one or two. I only applied to two schools and ended up limiting myself to one because I was not accepted to the other one. It is good to know that you will have a backup plan if the school you pick doesn't work out.


I would tell them to reasearch the colleges they are interested in very well, and make sure you visit before you choose one school. You want to make sure that the student population is the size you want and that the school is in the location that you like. You want to make sure that you are at a place that you will be comfortable at since you may be away from home. Also I would recommend joining a group or club that you are interested in to help make friends so that you are not all on your own on campus, and so that when you are at school you can see and recognize a few friendly faces to make you feel more welcome and at home.


Find one that has alot of school activities, and just get involved with things that interest you becuase if you don't the time will fly by and your college experience will feel wasted.


To parents I would say leave the college picking up to your kids. You may not think so but they may know what is actually best for them. And to students I would say to make the most out of your college experience, get involved. I think you should live on campus at least for your freshman year to meet new people and learn what campus is really about. Get involved in sports, clubs, or a social orginization and you will really get a lot out of your college experience. You will make many memories worth remebering.


You should find a college that has the major you are interested in, or if you don't know exactly what you want to do, a big college that will allow you to explore your options. You should take classes that interest you the most and be involved with whatever interests you. Major in what you want, not what everybody else wants you to or what you think everyone wants. Money also does not matter when it comes to your major. You have to do what makes you the happiest. That is the key to college: find out about yourself, have fun, and most importantly, be happy!


Know what you really want out of your college experience, if its to get in and out with a good degree, or making friends for life, whatever it is have your mind set before you go. Then stick to that and you will have the experience you want.


I would tell the students to make sure they visit each college that they are considering, so that they are able to decide whether or not the environment is suitable for them.


If I were giving advice to a parent and/or student in regards to selecting a college, I would remind them to research all schools of interest, and then select the one that best fits their current personal and financial situation. I would add that to get the most possible out of college, one must listen to advisors, and stick to a major once deciding, and above all, study.


Find a school your child or children can go and feel involved, welcome, and at home. Let the choice be up to the student. Let the student make the important life decisions, such as their major and career choice, and trust their decision. It's the student's life not the parent's.


When looking for a college to attend it's important to make sure it's a good fit for how you live, how you work , and how you play. The reality is a college student probably spends 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of their college experience on their campus or in their campus' home town. Make sure it is what you want because nobody wants to be homesick. Also make sure you're prepared the the work that's ahead and that you are willing to continually work to get your education.


The best way I find to make the right choose about what college to go to was I look at what the college had for me in the degree that I'm going in to.


Attend a college that will help you succeed in life. You want to be able to make close relationships with the campus faculty and be able to comprehend what you're learning in your different classes. Try to be active in different organizations throughout campus. Attend a college that feels right to you; go to a college that feels comfortable and not overwhelming. Make college an incredible experience.