Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that I really needed to do better on my ACT and SAT. I didn't have any idea how much more money I could get just by getting two or three points higher on my ACTs. I beat myself up today because when I was in highschool I took the ACT twice. I didn't want to take it over to get a better grade because i hated how long the test took and i hate taking test. Now looking back I should have taken it ten more times. In highschool I didn't understand how much money college was. i thought it was the tuition and that was it. But now I see that I have to pay for books, supplies, ect. I wish I would have been more prepared in knowing how important taking my ACTs were in order to be more prepared finacially.


i have not had any college experience yet, but i would tell myself to work harder and not slack off.


I would say go with your first decision of college choices. I decided to go to Olivet college, and at the last minute I changed my mind and went to Eastern Michigan University. I was going to swim at olivet and also get a Teaching Degree. This year spring i talked to the coach at olivet and I am going to try and go back to Olivet. So go with what you want to do dont base your desion off of friends that tell you different and always remember if you try you first choice and dont like it you may always change.


During my college experience I have gained new and exciting knoweldge that I will be able to apply to my future career. I have joined a sorority where I have formed close bonds with friends that I will have for a life time. I have become prepared to take on the roles that are required of me in my future career. I have discovered more about myself. I have become a true individual and have achieved personal success for goals I have set for myself. I have discovered that I am a stronger individual then I knew I was. I have also shown myself and others that I am smarter then they previously knew me to be.


There are many things that the college experience has granted me, but the one that is most obliged would be discipline. As a student, employee and mother my life requires discipline. I could never be good at anything without the discipline to be consistent with the time needed to develop the skill. I would never maintain a job if I did not have the discipline to make it to work punctually and do all things required necessary to stay employed, for means to afford an education. To be an awesome mom requires discipline. To be able to say yes at the right time and to know when you should say no! To be able to have my daughter on a routine and teach her the things that I desire for her to know, all takes discipline. You have to have discipline to learn, grow, and change. The discipline to execute the charge place before you is an awesome feeling. When I walk across the stage in April of 2012 to receive my BA, I will hold my head up knowing that not only the experiences of life brought me to that moment, but the discipline of the college experience.


I've gathered knowledge and relationships that will help me in the future. I've also gained the feeling that I can do anything I set my mind to.


I have received many different and valuable experiences while attending Eastern Michigan University. I have first, discovered much about myself as a person and perfessionally, through starting school with one major, then switching to another. I have learned a lot about myself socially as well. I attend school in a much different environment from the one I was raised in, and I have therefore learned about other cultures, life outlooks, and life experiences. This experience has broadened my outlook on the world and has allowed me to better understand people who are different from myself. I have also received support from my school through my change in major. After I decided that my first major was not right for me, I was worried that it would be very difficult to switch to something completely different. However, though the process has been a lot of work, it was not difficult because of the school. Through switching majors I have gained many experiences that I will be able to carry over into the working world. The best skill I gained from switching majors that will carry over, is my ability to market myself for the job at hand.


I have gotten so much from Eastern it’s hard to explain everything. I've only been here for a year and a half, and I feel like I’m ready to take on anything. I feel like all of the little things that Eastern does prepares you for the outside world. I’ve taken a few multimedia classes and they are so hands on when teaching you, and even with the core classes as well. The teachers do what they can to make the class enjoyable, and educational, even if it makes them seem like fools; I feel like other big colleges wouldn’t be the same. Eastern lets you have on campus jobs, and monitor your schoolwork so that if you start to fall off they can offer you help to stay focused. I don’t know about anyone else, but that shows me that they really care about their students.


EMU requires all entering freshman to go through a four day orientation. During those four days, I was able to meet new friends, participate in activities and see a glimpse of all the clubs and organizations. There are so many opportunities to get involved and meet new people! I think it's hard not to make new friends! Along with meeting new friends, I've been challenged academically in a friendly environment and encouraged to think critically and creatively. EMU provides an academic edge towards my learning experience. Incorporated into my course work, I am required to complete learning beyond the classroom credit. One opportunity I took advantage of was the Emerging Leaders Series. It was the most amazing eight week program I've ever committed time towards! I met new friends, learned more about my capabilites as a leader and grew as a person! As an international business major, I also value EMU's language program as well as study abroad program! In all honesty, I cannot think of a reason why I don't value my college experience here at Eastern Michigan University!


I just started my first year at Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College. I have heard from many people that having a college education is important and since my enrollment, I have learned how valuable attending college and earning a degree is. Although this is the start of my second semester, I understand how much more work is needed to get through college compared to high school. I feel that my college experience is so valuable, because knowing that an education is not free, it inspires me to do well academically and to search for ways that my education can be paid for. There is much left for me to learn, not just as a college student but as an individual. I continue to value the need of a college education in these times, considering the way the economy has changed over the years along with the tuition costs. Regardless, I believe that my college experience is valuable and anyone who attends college will agree with the fact that in order to succeed at whatever school you may be attending, you need to be focused, dedicated, and have a mind that is willing to learn.


Being in college I have begun to make life time friendships that I really haven't been able to maintain in high school. I have been able to begin gaining knowlegde that pertains to my selected major that will help me to complete my dream of being a mechanical engineer for major automotive company. Without this college experience I would have been deprived of all the wonderful material I am learning and I would have been unable to complete my dream.


What I have gotten the most out of my college expreience cannot be found in most text books. I have learned so many life skills and lessons I could have never gotten in my small city, where everyone is exactly the same. I have met people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles and have made many diffrent friends. I have also learned about myself and have become a better person, not biased by my small town up-bringing. I have learned responsibility and work ethics and how to respect and understand others. These skills are all important in a working enviorment as well as everyday life. Though I will remember alot of what my proffessors have taught me in class, I will never forget the life lessons I have learned outside, which I would not have if it wasn't for Eastern's diverse and amazing campus.


All throughout my school career prior to college, I attended schools that consisted of mainly white students. Once I began at Eastern Michigan University, I realized that there is diversity everywhere and school is a great place for it. It helps everybody get along with everybody else. Another thing the I have gotten out of college is time management. Before I attended college, I was always a procrastinator, whether it was homework, projects...etc. I always did everything last minute. Once I went to college, it was a whole other ballgame. I had to do my homework and turn it in on time because late work is not exceptable at the college. I have to do that while at the same time focus on my job and bills. It taught me better organization for life in general.


I have learned a great deal from my college experience. The most important thing I did learn was building friendships. This helped me get through school by beable to rely on friends to help you when you don't understand things or give you support when you need it. I also was taught how to manage my time poperly. College can be very hard if your not organized and don't have good time managment skills. It was important for me to learn when to study, when to work and when i could go out and hang with friends. Lastly, college taught me to always do you best. When you doing your best, you may not know it, but people, professors, and employers are watching, and just when you think you failed, those poeple will tell you that you done a great job and give you more credit than you thought you had.


Attending Houston Community College has been one of the most challenging yet valuable experiences in my personal and spiritual life. I have four children with my great husband who never finished High School. With a highly demanding graveyard shift warehouse job he provides what his body allows him for our family. At times “mommy” can not take the children to the park or “daddy” can not afford all the other fun things kids their age do but these are sacrifices we are willing to make for a better future. Spiritually it has been difficult for me to get involved in hot topics of religion, abortion and homosexuality, but I have learned to understand and love people of different religions and nationalities. I have learned that Christianity is not about changing people’s religion or beliefs, but about showing Christ through love and humble actions. I’m sorry I cannot give insight on all the wonderful extra curricular programs in HCC or how great the dorms are; but I can say they offer a second chance in life to anyone needing an education regardless of one’s personal difficult circumstances.


I have gained a lot of knowledge in a variety of areas. I have learned that nothing in life is easy, especially the important things. I have learned to risks for things I want because I'll never get it if I don't try. I've realized that it's never too late to try something new, especially if it makes you happy. I've learned that, to me, the career after college isn't as important as the college experience. I've gained a huge respect for the faculty on my campus and how much they can help you. It's been valuable for me to attend because I've had the opportunity to learn new things about myself and gain more knowledge. I love learning and college has been a great place to learn all kinds of new things. In college, I've also had the opportunity to grow into adulthood before entering the "real world."


I have learned that in college that what you put into your classes is exactly what you get out of them. It is extremely important to put a lot of effort into your studies, otherwise it will be wasted time and wasted money. If you don't put your all into your classes, it isn't worth taking them. I've also learned how to manage my time better, finding it imperative to balance my studies, work, and any extracurricular activities enough so that my studies do not suffer and to cut back on social activities if it's harming my grades.


For me, it's just been a whole new experience, trying new things and learning to adapt to the different stresses of the college life. It's been teaching me so much about life and how to live it out to the fullest until the end.


My exprerience at Eastern Michigan University has changed my life completely. In the years that I have attented the college I have learned much about the Graphic Design degree that I will use later in my career. I also have gained general knowledge about other existing majors, which helped me become a well rounded person. It has also brought for me a deep appreciation for the arts, especially in regards to classical literature and music. Here I realized that I have a deep passion for acting and being on stage. Attending college should be an important part of life for every person, no matter at what age. College will make you see the world from another perspective, that you could have never imagined. Not only will it help you realize what you want to do with your life, but it will also make you more open to the world around you.


In my college experience I have gotten my time managment skills perfected. Being around people who are persuing careers in the same field as me, has made me more motivated to go through with my career. I am around hardworking students who are dedicated to thier studies so I've found myself commited to my studies and working twice as hard in my classes. College has been valuable to attend because I have been around professors and students who take thier education just as serious as I do and they are always willing to help me with my classes. I am also able to be more dependent instead of my mother helping me . For example, I am able to pay for my books at my own expense and go to class on time, which has made me more responsible.


During four years in community college, I had time to reflect and readjust my self for higher studies. Attending Foothill College allowed me to observe myself outside High School setting. In an environment that is more difficult both socially and educationally, I reacted badly often being a hinderance to group efforts and later being cruel to others for doing the same. I had to relearn some of the rules of interaction that eluded me in High School, and being in community college helped me do so. I learned to contribute more effectively in class, and instead of attributing blame I compromised. With time provided I learned to be more cooperative with other people in order to better pursue my studies.


My college experience has been great. I’ve gotten so much out of it and being in college has helped me mature greatly. Since I’ve been in college, I have become a better person and learned to value my education. I’ve learned that college is like the real world; you have to take care of yourself and make your own decisions. Before I started college, I depended on my mother to think for me. She made all of the decisions in my life. When I started college, I learned to be more responsible and make my own decisions. It has been valuable to attend college because of all of the opportunities that are available. You meet so many different people and there are so many things to do. College has also been valuable to attend because it is better preparing me for future challenges. Being in college has helped me grow mentally. It has given me a stronger work ethic and the want for greater things in life. I believe that without the proper education, you are not fully prepared for the challenges of the real world. Having an education opens the doors to so many different opportunities!


America has always been known as a “melting pot.” But now, more than ever before, our neighborhoods reflect different cultures and ethnicities, different religions and traditions, different languages and expectations. College has not only educated me, but has created an environment in which to discuss ideas and learn with people from these many social and cultural sectors of life. My professors have also helped me to realize my passions. I enjoy helping others and love science, this combination has opened a door with an opportunity to attend nursing school in January 2011 at Loyola University in Chicago. As a nurse, it will be my priority to provide the highest standard of care to all of my patients, regardless of their differences or similarities. How lucky am I to have the opportunity to grow and learn with others in a college setting.


Throughout my college experience I have been to the North Korean border, lived a college life in south korea, and lived in australia. I have met people from every single contient on earth, and experienced life in two places that I never thought I could have called home. I have grown to call every person on earth a potential friend, to learn that the world is my classroom and everyday people are my teachers. I cannot put a price on my experiences in college, because it is invaluable to me. I know so much more not only about other places and other people, but about myself and what I want in life. College has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in my life, and I'm only halfway through. I look forward to many more invaluable experiences to come.


Kayla L. Ferguson I have gained countless positive things during my stay at Easten Michigan University: I've learned first of all to be gratefull to be able to even have this opportunity possible become the first in my family to graduate college. i realize that this experiance in and of itself is a blessing, so i have learned humility. I have also learned to share small spaces with others. Being an only child I have never had to experiance having a roommateor having to wait to use a computer in the computer lab. Living on campus i have learned patience. I have learned to better manage my time and resources. I now have to balance my budget and manage my groceries with the allowances that I am given. I also had to learn how to manage my study time and how to properly balance each class and every assignment that i am given. I have also gained countless friendships that i would not have had i not attended College. I am more fulfilled with these friendships along with the many clubs, activities, and community service events that I am albe to participate in at Eastern Michigan University.


It has taught me that even thou i have ADD that i am no different then anyone in my class. I can just get the same grades as they can. Even if i have to work harder to get them. I am apart of the classes. And ever semester there is someone new to meet. I enjoy all my classes and the teachers are great they treat us like adults. Eastern Small classes do help with learn more in thous classes then i probable would in larger ones.


I am Gulnar Anzarova, international student from Turkmenistan, currently a sophomore at Hutchinson Community College (Hutchinson, Kansas). These past two years were the most significant in my life. I have never lived on my own, until the age of 16 when I have been nominated the winner of F.L.E.X program that brought to United States. I have been wanting to go to college since when I was little, but never thought my dream would come true, since in my country it is very hard to go to college. The lady that I lived with during my exchange year helped me out a lot. She brought me all the way from Turkmenistan and helped to pay for my college. Without her I would have never experienced what college life is. It is very valuable for me to attend college because someday I am hoping to become a doctor and help others. Education is a big thing for me because I am planning on making a difference. During these past two years I have met wonderful friends, awesome professors and overall I have gained education. I believe that education is a key to success.


My current career is that of a 7th grade Language Arts teacher; obviously, education is a passion of mine. I have been lucky enough to attend Eastern Michigan University for both my Undergraduate and Master's Degrees. The ladder to climb in the ranks of education jobs is a short one , and I find myself attending Eastern again to earn my K-12 Administration Degree to further not only my career, but my impact in the world of education. I consider myself to be a life-long student. Having all of my formal education and training for my career at Eastern Michigan University has been so valuable to me personally due to the fact that this University is award-winning for the caliber of teachers they graduate each year. These teachers are some of the best prepared in our nation. I feel that without the foundation that Eastern gave me, I wouldn't have the drive to earn some of the leadership positions I currently hold and continue to seek out more. The University has taught me that teaching is one of the few careers where we have the ability to change lives daily; I take that privilege very seriously.


I have met many great friends and I have had many opportunities and experiences here. I love that everyone can just be themselves and feel accepted. This is what I value the most.


This experience has really prepared me for the life I've decided on ahead. I have had my major picked out since I was 15, and am now putting it into action. With Eastern Michigan University, and its wonderfully helpful faculty and eductaion guides, I feel that I have a support system to help me achieve my goals and succeed in life!


I have gotten the experience of being on my own. Learning in the college setting and taking my education to the next level.


I love cars. I love the puzzle factor and working with my hands as well as using my brain to solve the problems that come with diagnosing and then correcting the problem. At Wyotech I get to maximize my learning, both tactile and theory. One day in the shop, next day in class. It is perfect for me. The classes are small, the teachers well versed in their field and the technology up to date. It is a great learning enviroment and they provide great equipment and lots of information. Though I am 42 years old, I dont feel like I started this journey too late. Everyday is something new. Everyday I get closer to my goal of becoming an Automotive technician and a better life for my wife and I. Knowledge is power. Education is key to getting that knowledge. Wyotech is the vehicle that will transport me into the next generation of Automotive workmanship and technical abilities, that will give my brain the power to exercise its potential. Life is what you make it. Attitude is everything. I will succeed. I will be the man I see myself as. I will make my world a better place.


It's a very important thing to be able to find what you want and go after it that's what life is all about. College is not for everyone and everyone who goes is not a success but for most college is a very important step in your life. With the United States in the turmoil that it's in right now there is no easy fix which means it's not going to happen fast and we need a plan. College is a way to prepare ourselves for the future and give ourselves the tools for the new world, we need to bring America back to the top. For the generation coming it's coming time for us to take over and bring America back to where this great country needs to be. That's not going to happen as easy, in the past there where good paying jobs where you just had to rely on just good old-fashined hard work. That's not the case anymore there are not alot of good paying jobs that don't require some type of college and we as a people need to adapt.


What I will continue to get out of my college experience is getting to know new people and learning how to function on my own as an adult to help prepare my future out into the real world. Just being able to get the oppurtunity to finish my education even further just helps me realize even more that I can achieve anything I allow myself to pursue. The thought of making my parents proud by being the first child to graduate drives my determination to the edge and inspires me to live my dream and make them become a reality. Me earning money is very important, I don't want to have to stop my education just because i don't have enough money to attend. I'm the oldest of six kids along with my twin brother so money is tight and my parents cannot afford it. So in order to go to school I must help myself by applying for as many scholarships as possible.


In my community, attending college has always been the norm so I did not hesitate to go through the process myself. I have discovered that this was the best decision I have ever made. Not only does college prepare students for a career, it also provides valuable life experience. I am an education student pursuing a degree in elementary education. Upon entering the College of Education I have learned so much about the field already. I can have a professional conversation with my professors, classmates, and current teachers. This was a change I did not realize was happening right away. I have acquired hands on experience in classrooms through my classes and found many ways to volunteer and attend professional development opportunities. I already feel prepared to enter my own classroom one day. The secondary part of college is the experiences one receives there. Moving away and living on my own was a huge change. I developed life skills needed to succeed and social skills and experiences that have enriched my life. being on my own, I was also able to formulate my identity without home influences such as my political views. College is an unique experience everyone should have.


So far I have gotten to know many of my peers and professors. Meeting people, and becomming an active member of the student body is very important to me. I am the Vice-President of the Leadership Advisor Board, and the Primary-Treasurer of the Robotics Organization.


College has a lot to offer, and the most I have gotten out of college is the opportunity to make lifelong friends. The people I have met so far are my lifelong friends. I even got the opportunity to join a sorority and have sisters and brothers. This is a great experience because I don’t know what it is like to have any siblings, and being in college gave me the option to do so. College has enabled me to meet new people that I will stay close to forever. It has also helped me make connections with people who have connections to good jobs. So my college experience has brought to me friends, family, networking, and fun.


My college experience is so great because of the new people I have met, the thing learn in the classroom I will use it in the real world


The wonderful teachers have increased my already intense passion for secondary education with their wonderful lectures and caring attitudes. I can't wait to have my own classroom full of students to inspire.


Through my college experience, I have realized the value of networking. It is extremely important to make new friends during this time because they can help you in countless ways in the present and/or the future. These are the people you will know for the rest of your lives so it is important to choose wisely.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that it made my thirst for knowledge stronger. It helped me go beyond my mental capabilities into higher level of learning. My college experience has made me realize how unique people are and how much one can have in common with another regardless of the person's ethnicity, religion, or orientation. My experience with Eastern Michigan University has brought forward lifelong friendships and bonds with faculty and students which will never be broken considering how much we all went through with each other. Eastern Michigan University has been valuable to attend because of the teacher to student learning. The activities the school brings forth for students, faculty and visitors to engage in for a better understanding of the community and society as a whole. All of the services Eastern has provided is more than what one could ask for.


As an adult student returning to school, I have found that I am able to better concentrate on my studies. I have also found that it is extremely rewardign for me to assist my fellow students in their studies. As an older student, I have found that many of the other students look to me for different perspectives on issues and actively seek me out for assistance on assignments. because I have a greater depth of life experiences, I have the ability to explain the material in a variety of ways that better allows the younger students to grasp new concepts.


I have learned that college is not just a place to gain career training and technical knowledge. College is a stepping stone to becoming more aself-aware and well-rounded individual. I have learned how to balance every element of my life and how to handle various situations with different types of people.


I have experience so much attending college, I learned who I am and what I want people to see me as and it was all help from environment that I was surrounded in, at college you build an independence and really develop who you are as a person and really get the full college experience because you interact with a diverse group of people and learn how to communicate and solve problems because of the interaction you have with others. Not only did I learn how to communicate better, but I learn to be driven and to go after what I want because things are not handed to you, you have to work for what you want and the rewarded of knowing that you did your best is the best satisification ever. College has prepared me with great lessons learned and really developed me to be ready for what the world is going to throw at me. With college, you don't only get the educational aspect but you develop the people skills and learn how to interact with others which you will need in everyday life. College is a life learning environment and prepares you.


Deciding to go to college was the best decision I could have made for myself. I dont think college is for every one and at one point i thought i was one of those people who didnt belong. However, since I decided to attend i have excelled and thoroughly enjoyed school. Also, when i first enrolled in school I had no idea what i wanted to do with my life and who i wanted to be. But thanks to all of the resources from school and all the people I've met along the way I've discovered my passion for social work and can't wait to graduate and help better people's lives!


The college experience has been a great way for me to discover who I was in this world. It opened my eyes to the profession I should pursue as part of my graduate studies and this has been an overall gratifying experience.


The ability to stand on my own two feet and the ability to use all the knowledge and wisdom I have gained whiile there in my future endeavors.


I have learned that college is a great place to meet new people and develop life-long relationships that can be beneficial in the future, both professionally and personally. I have called on a lot of my old classmates for advice and they have helped me make some decisions that I otherwise would not have had good insight into. I also met my best friend while living in the dorms, we have taken many memorable trips together. Even though we do not live close to each other, we have remained in contact and she is always there when I need her. I do not think that I would have this amazing support system if I had not attended college when I did and I am really grateful for the opportunity I was allowed to attend college.


I would highly encourage myself to take more a more active initiative in seeking and pursuing financial aid awards. However, I also would explain to myself that societal pressure on high school graduates to understand themselves , to know exactly what to study, and to know exactly what career to pursue is ridiculous and unfounded. College allows ample opportunity for youths to explore their interests and change their academic pathway and career focus, and it is not worth it to stress out so much because nobody has everything completely figured out. It is important to keep the future in mind, but nothing is more important than the present and living within the present with the quality and attentiveness that would be worthy of a last day. Time is fleeting and any moment could be the last one, and it is important to always live in such a way that will leave yourself with no regrets.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice about college I would tell myself to have fun and be involved with campus life, but to not let that interfere with having enough time for my studies and applying myself fully to make the most of my classes so that I could have all of the opportunities available to me after college that I want with my career choice.