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From my visit Eastern University captured me with it's beautiful campus. The other schools I visisted, both Christian and non-christian, the campus didn't compare. It wasn't just the the nature, but the whole atmosphere that came wuth it. The people are accepting, no matter what your background may be. The teachers show they really care, to the point of actually making time out of their day to day schedule to meet with you. Eastern loves its students and that is a quality that you do not find in many other schools.


It is a beatiful Christian college campus with lovely people. The school puts their faith and relationships with peope above all else.


Eastern thrives on faith, reason, and justice. The professors are examples in the faith, reason, and justice. My faith has been strengthened just from attending Eastern University and it has been a great journey so far. I considered other schools but I knew from the time that I went to visit Eastern that it would be the school for me. The staff/professors, students, and everyone on campus was so friendly and willing to help me get the most out of my visit. This university makes everyone feel loved and welcome and makes sure no one is excluded.


What was unique was that we were in a cohort rather than just put in a class with people whom we wouldnt have another class with. So the people I started with in 2008 I graduated with in 2010.


I think the most unique thing about Eastern is its sense of community. From day number one, I've heard so much about how important a good sense of community is in college. Everyone on campus just seems more happy and more friendly than on any other campus. It truly is a great part of this campus that can't really be found anywhere else.


What is unique about my school is the academics and the atmosphere. The professors not only just teach, but open their offices for you to come in for extra help if you need it. Most colleges do not do that. Also, there is a big white rock that students are allowed to paint over and paint whatever they want on it and usually there are creative pieces of art work there.


Eastern University is a small school. The people are amazing and kind. When I met the admissions counselors, they treated me like they wanted me here. Other schools treated me like a number and they just wanted me here for my money. I feel welcomed here and people accept me for who I am. The professors care about you and your education. I am learning so much about everything. My mind is being challenged and my faith is getting stronger in the process. The school also is so gorgeous. The buildings are unique and the land is beautiful.


Eastern Univ. is a great school for people looking to expand their spiritual side. While here I visited a mosque, read the Koran and learned about religion from many different angles. It is a Chirstian based school, however anybody can attend. There is also little competion between students, not cutthoat in anyway. The students are nice, helpful and friendly. The professors are the best and are always available and willing to help. The school a lot of financial aid. The music here is great. Homecoming week is fun. There are opportunities do missionary work abroad and at home.


I reallly only considered EAstern because they had an excellent music department and was a good Christian school. Most of my friends who had attended there loved it.


Eastern University is a Christian school, but it is interesting because it does not force you to agree with Christianity. It is a very open minded school and students with all sorts of backgrounds attend the school. The professors at Eastern realize that not all the students are Christian and they do not try to shove religion down anyone's throat. The professors at Eastern ar great. It is easy to develope relationships with them, which is useful in the future. The location of the school is wonderful. The campus is beautiful and it is only 20 minutes from Philadelphia.


This school does a magnificent job at opening one's eyes to the reality of the world. The staff helps students become more independent and culturally competent as well as out-reach oriented. Students can choose to be completely involved in all the university has to offer or do very little and no one will place judgement on them for either. At Eastern you choose your own path which is very freeing.


Eastern is unique to other schools because of its community. Most students and faculty are incredibly kind, caring and friendly and genuinely want to see you learn and succeed. The small campus allows me to get to know my professors and peers better than at a larger school.


It's a liberal Christian college.


People are friendly no matter what. They love God and they make everyone feel comfortable. It's a small, tight-knit community where you can build really great friendships. The professors care deeply about student progress. The location is perfectly set in a suburban area. There's enough to do but it's not too busy... the city is close by. I love this school!


Eastern is unique from other schools that I consedered in that, this univeristy is very focused on integrating faith into every area of academic study form Biblical Studies to Business Magagement and every area of study in between.. Eastern is also very concerned about the environment as the effects that people are having on it. Eastern has taken great steps in becoming environmentally friendly, such as operating on wind energy, recycling, and supporting environmental care groups.


Eastern University works hard to give students a Christian worldview. Compared to other protestant Christian colleges, Eastern is much more liberal.


The school does a good job of integrating faith while keeping academical rigor. It also balances sports and other extra-curricular activities with academics, encourages a servant attitude towards the surrounding community, and is environmentally conscious. It is a dry campus, and there is not a Greek system here, so there isn't dangerous partying or binge-drinking on campus.


its a beautiful campus, and the spiritual climate is freeing because it can be as great as you want or little as you want. they dont force christianity on you but there is definitly a freedome to live how you want.


It's a good combination of both secular and religious instruction. There is a strong emphisis on community service and has a great music program.