Eastern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always tell my friends about the beautiful scenery at Eastern University. Some people brag about their party schools and how popular they have become, but I appreciate the little things about my school. I love waking up every morning and seeing God's miraculous creations. I love when I walk to class I'm not in the city, I'm in a whole new world. You can experience college parties anytime in your high school career, but how many times do you wake up and see an adventure outside your door? My school is a journey like no other.


I love that Eastern has a heart for the oppressed and people in the community. I am invovled with a campus ministry to the homeless and I think it is really neat how we go into the city and just spend time with our homeless friends. First semester students are required to do service learning which I believe helps cultivate a heart of service and caring for others and allows us to see what other peole are going through.


The students at Eastern University are the best.


The food is absolutely delish I think. Haha, but other than that: My teachers are amazing they are so gifted in their teaching and their knowledge. They challenge me in who I am and the way I think. I love my classes and get an amazing education. I've become a better person because I went to Eastern.


I brag that my school is a very open minded school. We are probably one of the most open christian schools. We are open to diversity in race, sexual orientation, socio-economical background, and religious afiliation.


When I talk about Eastern University, I always note how easy it was to become involved in campus life. I thoroughly enjoyed my time serving the student body through the Student Government Association and Student Activities Board. I also talk about the challenging nature of the professors in my major and how I enjoyed my classes. My professors were known for meeting with students outside of class to talk about the course material, current events/trends in the field, or to simply talk about life. I also mention the opportunities serve the city of Philadelphia through community service projects.


The amazing Christian atmosphere and the focus on social justice. Each class will challenge you to look into your own beliefs and discover why you think the way you do andlead you to discover your own worldview. At Eastern you will not be hidden from the world but instead made aware of what is happening outside of America and be encouraged to think about what we can do to help others and bring them justice.


It's a very pretty campus and located near some very quaint shops and an excellent shopping mall.